Pizza. The meal for every occasion. Pizza doesn’t let us down. Pizza is there to help you get excited before a night out or there to help you recover the next day. Pizza can help romance to blossom on a first date or it can console you after a break-up. Pizza tastes just as good whether you’re on your own or with a big group of mates. At E&L, they love pizza and that is why they’re giving one lucky person that chance to win FREE pizza from Pizza Hut for a year!

Deep dish or thin crust, Meat Feast or Margherita, whatever your taste in pizza – this competition could take some topping! We all know that money can be tight when you’re a student, so much time is spent studying and socialising that it can be hard to get out and earn a crust. Well, with this fantastic competition you don’t have to!

Free Pizza for a Year

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