Human Food is the leading ‘organic smart food’ brand who are leading the way in offering 100% organic whole food nutrient derived food bars, developed to support a plant based diet. 

Human Food is the most nutritionally dense food in the World, and is made from nothing but 100% organic whole foods. They are spearheading the ‘say no to synthetics’ campaign, encouraging people to get their nutrients from real food, rather than lab made vitamins that don’t benefit the body as much.

Students will be excited to know that Swansea University chose Human Food as a research partner, and conducted clinical trials that found it to actually improve cognitive function, making it the perfect snack for a hard day at the books, or to eat before an exam.
The product comes in 3 different colour bars each offering different heath improving ingredients.


We are giving away 3 months worth of Human Food bars, plus a t-shirt and bottle. Collectively this bundle is worth £250!

Human Food Bundle Competition

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