WIN I Really Hate My Job on DVD!

I Really Hate My Job, is a British comedy starring Neve Campbell (Scream movies), Shirley Henderson (Harry Potter movies), Anna Maxwell Martin (Philomena).  It’s set for DVD release on September 22nd through 3DD Productions.

It is a summer evening in London. Alice (Shirley Henderson ), is running late for her job as a kitchen hand in a Soho café, the Stella Bar. Once she arrives, Alice discovers that the chef is incapable of working, and so, for a bonus, she agrees to be chef for the evening. The action of the film takes place over this one evening as Alice’s story intertwines with that of the waitresses – aspiring actress, Abi (Neve Campbell), art student, Suzie (Alexandra Maria Lara) – and the Maitre D’, Madonna (Anna Maxwell Martin). Over the course of the evening, chaos gradually ensues thanks to rat infestations, arguments about music, art, love and desire.

Watch the trailer here.

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