We’ve teamed up with www.memorymates.co.uk to give you guys the chance to win some cool little gadgets!

Music Monsters

Whilst Memory Mates are best known for selling flash drives, we often stumble across other amazing gadgets that they cannot resist offering to you – like these mini music monster speakers. Despite being small in stature, they are big on sound and really catch the eye. They even come in their own cute and unique packaging and are supplied with a metal key chain. This listing is for our orange model; suited to those with a bright disposition!

Music monsters are charged by connecting to a computer using the combined USB and audio output cable provided. A full charge takes two hours, which gives two hours of playback. The cable has two audio jacks which simply slot into the back of your speaker and chosen music device. Handily, the speaker can play whilst being charged, which is ideal if it is playing audio from your computer.

Sound Quality
Even though these little monsters only stand 8cm tall, they still pack a punch in the sound department. They have an impressive tone and whilst some bass is always sacrificed in a small speaker, these littl’uns can still hit those low notes. We are confident that you won’t get a better speaker for the size and money.

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