We’ve teamed up with www.memorymates.co.uk to give you guys the chance to win some cool little gadgets!

Meet Walker the Music Man! Walker is a friendly little memory mate who is happy to walk around all day safely storing your data! He is perfect for storing your music files, as he loves listening to your funky tunes, but he is also happy to look after any of your data files.

Memory Mate supplied with

  • Free, super-fast 1st class delivery by a genuine UK seller
  • Black carry pouch

Use it for

  • 2GB: 500 groovy tunes, 1000 holiday snaps (approx)
  • 8GB: 2000 groovy tunes, 4000 holiday snaps (approx)
  • Moving or backing up your data
  • A present
  • Being the envy of your friends or colleagues
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