If you have a passion for photography, or just fancy having a camera to snap all those fun moments with your friends, we have just the thing!

Lomo’Instant are giving away one of their state of the art cameras, which is worth £139.00!

… and the Lomo’Instant Montenegro certainly has everything you could possibly want in an instant camera:

  • It looks super stylish.
  • It comes with 3 multitalented lens attachments – Fisheye, Close-up and Portrait, so your creativity as no limits!
  • It has three different flash modes, so whether you’re shooting on the go, indoors, or during long exposures at night, you’re covered.
  • And most importantly… it even enables you to take selfies!

(Believe it or not, that’s not the full list of what the Montenegro can do, so to see it’s full capabilities, simply visit Lomo’Instants website.)

So don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity and enter our competition now for your chance to win!

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