Win a Pair of Professional EarPeace Ear Plugs! | The Student Pocket Guide

EarPeace are giving 12 readers the chance to win a pair of their high-quality ear plugs, used to protect ear drums whilst in venues with high decibel levels. Attend frequent gigs or spend all night raving in clubs? Then this competition is for you…

Improve your experience at a music event with EarPeace Hi-Fidelity ear plugs. 

Our plugs are discreet, soft and lower the volume without effecting the sound. EarPeace is different from other ‘normal’ earplugs as we focus on one message: ‘EarPeace improves your musical experience’. Enjoy the loud music longer, connect with other music lovers, feel better afterwards. Each EarPeace package comes with 2 sets of filters, 3 plugs (a spare in case you lose one), and an aluminium key chain. The plugs come in 3 different skin tones – white, tan and brown, and the key chain comes in either black, red or silver.

Can’t wait to find out if you’ve won. Need to protect your ears now!? Grab yourself a discounted pair (30% off and free shipping) at EarPeace using discount code “SPG5OFF”.

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