University is a time where you meet new people, study hard, drink a lot and do stupid stuff. We all have those mates that end up doing really funny/stupid things, those stories will stay with us for life and are used to embarrass your friend at every opportunity.

Electrical Safety First are giving you the chance to name and shame your mate with the stupidest student story. All you have to do is head on over to their Facebook page and tag your mate and you could win a student hamper worth a massive £150!

Hamper contents include:

1 x bottle of vodka
1 x bottle of sambuca
1 x bottle of Jägermeister
6 x shot glasses
1 x bottle opener
1 x pack of glow sticks
3 x rave paints
1 x can of silly string
1 x pack of condoms
2 x cans of baked beans
2 x Pot Noodles
2 x cereal pots
1 x box of tea
1 x Lemsip cold & flu sachets
1 x Lemsip cold & flu tablets
1 x multivitamin pack
1 x paracetamol/ibuprofen pack
4 x Red Bull cans
1 x portable speaker
2 x hanger sets
1 x laundry basket
1 x first aid kit
1 x doorstop
1 x 8GB USB stick
1 x folder
1 x A4 notepad
1 x A5 notepad
2 x ballpoint pens
1 x set of coloured pens
1 x set of post it notes
1 x reminder stickers/post it notes
1 x Blu-Tack
1 x pack of pins/paper clips

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