Smile! Courtesy of iChic, we have an iChic Gear Bluetooth telescopic selfie stick to give away!

This selfie stick allows you to take amazing selfies and fun videos using your smartphone! Take it anywhere with you – you just have to connect it, smile and click! Easy to use and easy to carry, the stick expands up to 98 cm (from its initial 20 cm length). It’s the perfect companion for your nights out, sport activities, travel or just for fun! The Back mirror also allows you to use the back camera of your smartphone. It only takes 1 hour to charge and is compatible with all iOS and Android Phones, but not compatible with Windows phones.

… and if that wasn’t enough, to go with your selfie stick, iChic are also giving away a super thin, lightweight power bank, so you’ll never run out of battery. You can recharge your Bluetooth selfie stick, your smartphone and even your tablet – plus it’s so small that it will fit in pretty much any bag!

It’s clear iChic have some great products available, so why not check out their website? 


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