Let’s face it, we’re a bit of a vein bunch and it seems we’re all taking selfies nowadays. So if taking selfies is an everyday occurrence for you, it’s key you have the best equipment, right?

Well thanks to iChicĀ Gear, you can make sure you take the perfect snap, as they’ve teamed up with us to give away an iChic Gear wired telescopic selfie stick!

Easy to use and easy to carry, the selfie stick extends from only 27 cm to 100cm and after connecting your smartphone to the stick, all it takes is a smile and a click and you’re ready to start shooting your masterpieces.

What’s more, the selfie stick doesn’t have a battery, meaning it doesn’t have to be recharged!

It’s also compatible with Go Pro and most digital cameras, so the fun is endless!

And when you’re done taking your photos, you can easily store it in any bag or bagpack. The stick is made of Alumium, which makes it super light… only 189g!

This selfie stick is definitely an indispensable companion for all trips, sports and fun!

Compatible with all IOS & Android phones, but not with Windows phones.

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