What’s the one thing every student wants (and needs)… free food! And what’s even better than free food is free food you don’t even have to prepare yourself. So we’re teaming up with Fray Bentos to help get you through the struggles of a busy freshers, and beyond.

To celebrate the launch of their new cheese & onion pie and the start of the new university year, we’re going to give one lucky winner a student year’s supply of Fray Bentos – that’s 24 delicious pies delivered straight to your door to get you through until the end of exams.

The perfect quick and easy meal – a Fray Bentos pie comes ready to cook, it just needs a little time in the oven to go a delicious shade of golden brown and then it’s ready for you to devour – giving you the perfect taste of home!

You’ll be the envy of all your flatmates, as they sweat over pots and pans you can relax knowing your meal is all ready for you whenever you decide to slide it into the oven.

With a wide selection to choose from, whatever your pie preference, there’s a pie for you: from their classic Steak and Kidney, Minced Beef and Onion, and Just Chicken to their new Cheese & Onion and Vegetable Balti, which is also vegan friendly!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to answer the simple question below by 31 October and you could be living the ultimate pie dream for a whole year.


Prize is a student year’s supply of Fray Bentos for one person. This equates to 24 pies delivered to their door in four installments of six pies. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash.

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