Tired of boring meals that take a lifetime to cook? Need an easy way to spice up even the most simple snack? Cuisinart UK have the answer.

Known best for helping you get creative in the kitchen without all the hassle, Cuisinart are giving you the chance to win the most versatile Sandwich Maker on the market!

Make no mistake, this is not your ordinary Sandwich Maker. The fast-heating machine is built with deep fill sandwich plates, specially designed to pack your snack with your favourite filling. From thick foccacia to hand sliced breads, this machine can fit it all. Plus, it’s a total breeze to clean with its non-stick, dishwasher safe plates so you won’t have to fight with your flatmates over who’s on washing up duty. If toasties aren’t your thing, don’t worry – it’s not a one toastie wonder. You can whip up pastries, calzones, French toast, quesadillas or even healthy omelettes with Cuisinart’s handy recipe guides – made especially for this compact kitchen hero.

So whether it’s a quick lunch, an after-school filler or a late-night snack, this is the ultimate machine to keep you fed and fighting fit. Enter the below for the chance to win your own, and don’t forget to give them a follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to see all their latest recipes and kitchen gadgets.

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