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Whether you want to shave sometimes or never at all, FFS Beauty is passionate about making shaving regimes as effortless as possible whilst reducing the impact on the environment.

They’re here to deliver a fuss-free shaving experience directly through your letterbox. No nonsense, just premium quality blades. They believe you should be spending more time doing what you want and less time stressing over the little things. In the grand scheme of things, razors are insignificant, but they SO need to be right!

Wave goodbye to dull blades and skin irritation with our premium-quality products at affordable prices. Their fine diamond-coated blades ensure your razor remains sharp during your whole shave, with an added soothing vitamin E strip that helps the blade glide effortlessly over your skin. For years, men’s blades have been superior to women’s, not anymore. Their blades are made from the best quality materials, so you don’t have to settle for less.

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