Become an egg donor and change a life. As an egg donor, you will receive £750 to cover your expenses.

Manchester Fertility knows becoming a donor isn’t an easy decision to make. It takes great kindness, empathy, and commitment to give the gift of life. That’s why they have a dedicated donor team to be with you at every step of your donation.

Become a sperm donor and change a life. As a sperm donor, you will receive £35 to cover your expenses.*

Did you know that one of the most common causes of infertility is a problem with the sperm? It can range from genetic conditions to simply none at all.

Despite the high number of couples needing infertility treatment using donor sperm, there is a growing shortage of sperm donors in the UK.

Your donation can make a world of difference for couples where there is a sperm disorder. You could be their only chance of starting a family.

Find out how you can take part, below!

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