Tribe FAQ

What is Tribe?

Tribe is our brand new online challenge – providing you with opportunities to earn points and win prizes! It doesn’t cost you a penny; all you have to do is earn points by competing with fellow members from across the UK, giving you something fun and exciting to do (instead of scrolling up and down your social media feed all day!)

Once you have selected a prize to play for, you need to complete challenges to earn points. You will be ranked against other competing Tribe members based on how many points you have. The player with the most points at the end of the competition will win the prize!

How do I register an account?

To register a Tribe account, visit and go to the “Register” tab.  Now simply fill out the fields, complete the captcha, and click the register button.  You will receive a confirmation Email from, which will allow you to set your password.

How do I log in?

Once you have registered an account, logging in is easy! Visit and enter your Username or Email address, along with your password.

I’ve forgotten my password!

If you enter an incorrect password, you will be given the option to request a password reset. You can also request a password reset here.

Why am I not getting an Email when I register an account?

Once you have registered your account, you will receive a confirmation Email from You must access this Email to be able to log in to Tribe. If your Email doesn’t arrive within a few minutes, please check you junk/spam folder. If the Email is not here, you may have entered the wrong Email address on the register form. Please register a new account, making sure to use the correct Email address.

How do I browse competitions?

Every time you log in to Tribe, you will be taken straight to the competition you are currently playing. If you are not currently playing a competition, you will be taken to the categories page. Every competition on Tribe is listed under one of these categories. Click on a category to see a list of the current competitions within that category. To see a specific competition in more detail without actually entering, simply click on the competition’s name.

How do I enter a competition?

To enter a competition, click the play button. The play button can be found next to a competition’s title, as well as on the specific competition pages. Clicking the play button will instantly enter you into the competition, and you will be taken straight to the earn points tab. Here, you can complete challenges to earn more points. Earning more points will increase your rank on the leaderboard, and being the top ranked user at the end of the competition will win you the prize!

Can I play multiple competitions at once?

You can play one competition at a time. If a new competition is added which you would rather play, you have the option to leave your current competition. By leaving the competition, you will lose the points you have earned so far. They cannot be carried across to a new competition, and joining the same one again will not restore your progress.

How do I leave a competition?

Leaving a competition is just as simple as entering one. Simply go to the competition tab, and click “Leave competition.”

What happens to my points when I leave a competition?

When you leave a competition, you will lose all of your progress for this specific competition. You will not be able to resume from this point by joining it again. We would only recommend leaving a competition when you do not have many points, and a new competition is added which you would rather play for, as well as getting a head start!

How do I earn points?

Completing any challenge will earn you points. How many points you will earn for completing a specific challenge will be indicated. The more points you have, the closer you are to winning the competition!

What do my points mean? / What is the leaderboard?

Players are ranked on the leaderboard based on how many points they have earned for the competition they are currently playing. You can overtake another player by earning more points than them! At the end of any competition, the player with the most points will win the prize!

What does my rank mean?

A user’s rank is their position on their current competition’s leaderboard. Players ranked above you have more points than you, and players ranked below you have fewer points than you. Earn points to increase your rank!

How will I know if I won a competition?

If you have the most points at the moment your competition ends, you will be the winner. You will receive an automatic Email from Tribe, notifying you that you have won. A member of our team will be in touch shortly after this to arrange the delivery of your prize. (It will not cost you a penny!)

I earned lots of points, but I haven’t moved up on the leaderboard!

Any changes on the leaderboard will be updated when you refresh the page.

Why am I not appearing on the leaderboard?

The leaderboard only displays the top ten ranking players. You can view you rank on the leaderboard next to your profile picture on the competition’s page, or by looking on your profile page. You may be rank 11!

What are achievements? / Why are some competitions locked?

Any brand new Tribe user can compete for prizes worth up to £100. To compete for higher value prizes, you must unlock achievements. Your next achievement will always visible on the side panel of the site, and a full list of the achievements can be seen under the leaderboard tab of any competition. Once you have unlocked the “Experienced” achievement, you can play for prizes worth up to £250, and once you have unlocked the “Mastermind” achievement, you can play for prizes worth more than £250!

How do I complete challenges? / How do I earn points?

Below is a list of every type of challenge you may come across in Tribe. If you are having trouble completing a challenge and earning the points, please see if the solution is given below.

FaceBook referral challenge:

This can be the fastest way to earn points! It’s a great way to overtake your opponents, and can be done as many times as you want! Simply click the send button, and then if you are logged in to FaceBook, you will be able to select which friends you would like to invite to Tribe. (You will be prompted to log in to FaceBook if you are not already.) In order for you to earn the points, a friend must click on your unique referral link, and then register their own Tribe account. To prevent players from cheating, the friend must then log in to their account in order for you to earn the 100 points.

Daily login bonus:

For every day you log in to Tribe, you will earn 25 points. As well as this, a user will lose 10 points for every day they do not log in. This means that you could be getting a 35 point advantage over your opponents every day, just by logging in! No additional steps are required to earn the points for this challenge.

Why do I lose points for not logging in? Isn’t this too harsh?

Giving Tribe’s more active users an advantage helps to ensure that an active winner is selected, instead of a user who earned a lot of points on their first day of playing who no longer logs in to Tribe. (Who therefore may not realise they have won.)

Twitter challenge:

Clicking on the name of the Twitter page will open the actual page in a new tab. Simply follow the account, and then come back to Tribe. To earn the points, Tribe will need to check that you have followed the account. Click the “check” button, and the 50 points will be awarded!

Facebook code challenge:

Clicking on the link provided in the challenge’s text will take you to the relevant FaceBook page. The page will have uploaded a photo containing the code. Enter this code exactly as it appears to earn the 50 points.

Submit content challenge:

To upload your content, simply click on “select your file”. Once you have selected your file, click the submit button. We will review this content, and if we publish it on our site or Social Media pages, you will earn the 75 points! We will reject content if you do not own the rights to it, or if it does not meet our standards. Explicit content will result in a permanent ban. Please note: there is a file size limit of 2MB. If you would like to submit a video file, please save the URL to the video in a text document, and submit the text document.

Video challenge:

This is a simple question and answer challenge. The question will be related to the video, so read the question and watch the video before answering! Select your answer from the dropdown and click “submit” to earn the 50 points. Choose carefully, because you will only get one chance to answer the question!

Multiple choice question:

This is simply a multiple choice question. Select your answer from the dropdown and click “submit” to earn the 20 points. Choose carefully, because you will only get one chance to answer the question!

Daily challenge:

The daily challenges are one of the most important in Tribe; attempt each one to climb the leaderboard faster than your opponents! Daily challenges can vary, but they are most often a simple multiple choice question. The answers can always be found within our site! Simply select an answer and click “submit” to earn the 12 points. If you complete the challenge, a new one will appear on the next day!

How do I complete my profile?

Completing your profile is a quick and easy way to grab 20 extra points! Simply go to your profile by clicking on the link in the challenge text, and fill out every field. You must select 3 music genres and 3 interests to have a complete profile!