Rainy BBQ Recipes by Georgina Rowe

Everybody loves a good BBQ, but sometimes the British weather can get the best of us. All your friends and family have come over to your house, expecting a delicious outdoor lunch only to find that the heavens have opened and it’s pouring with rain. So what do you do? We’ve compiled a list of alternative recipes that you can pull out of the bag last minute to save the day.

  1. Cherry tomato and mozzarella salad – This first recipe comes from the BBC TV show ‘Mary Berry Cooks’. The dish itself is an Italian inspired salad featuring baby mozzarella balls, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil leaves. Perfect as a starter or accompaniment to a buffet feast.
  2. Oven-cooked BBQ Pulled Pork – Just because it’s raining outside does not mean that you can’t cook some great tasting joints of meat. This pulled pork recipe requires only spices and oven cooking, then you can simply distribute it into rolls for BBQ pulled pork sandwiches.
  3. Simple Hummus – Hummus is a great middle-eastern dip which can go with raw vegetables and breadsticks alike. This recipe can be adapted to suit your tastes, so you can simply add chilli powder if you want a spicier taste or chopped peppers for a Mediterranean feel.
  4. Easy Breadsticks – Speaking of breadsticks, this quick and simple recipe requires no yeast so you can just mix, knead and bake with no extra fuss. For a special touch, sprinkle with parmesan cheese or herbs before baking and then serve them up as a delicious pre-meal nibble.
  5. Peach and Raspberry Parfait – This quick dessert recipe will wow your friends even though it takes very little preparation. All you do is soak the fruit in the sugar/lemon juice mixture, and then serve it over your favourite ice-cream!
Which recipe is your favourite from our rainy BBQ list, and do you have any other treasured summer recipes?
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