Sober Night Out by Neela Kumar

Drinking at university can not only be expensive but can also lead you to make bad decisions so maybe sometimes you want a sober night out? Or you just want to give up alcohol altogether? Maybe you don’t like the peer pressure to drink or can’t afford it, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t still have a really good time on a night out.Whilst you may think that in a club you have to drink to have fun, this isn’t true in the slightest and there are some really great benefits to being sober.

You can be photographer for the night! If you’re sick of people taking blurry and shaky photos of you with weird expressions you don’t remember, then it’s time to turn the tables because you can put your skills to the test. You can get some nice, acceptable photos for Facebook or capture those awkward moments that your friends will want you to untag in the morning! Your reactions will be faster so you’re more likely to get decent photos and it’ll mean the night is far more memorable. You’ll also be able to remember and recount what happened on the night to your friends in the morning if they’ve forgotten. All the embarrassing stories and details will be clear in your mind and prove a good laugh! It’s amusing to see your friends getting drunk and knowing that you can still be having a good time with them.

If all your friends are drunk dancing and you miss doing that, then join in! You may feel conscious when you’re sober, but if they’re all drunk then no one is going to remember and you can properly let loose and have fun without the alcohol making you want to. It’ll feel much more natural and you’ll enjoy it more as you can embrace what you’re doing as well. Also, you’ll actually be able to listen and appreciate the music that’s playing, but even so, it might be an idea to take some earplugs if it’s too loud for you! You can also chat to people without embarrassing yourself and catch up with people you haven’t seen if they’re around and remember it the next morning too! You’ll also be a great help to your friends if they need looking after as someone’s going to need to make rational decisions such as calling taxis to get everyone home safely.

For students, of course a massive positive to being sober on a night out is that you’ll be saving money! Alcohol is not cheap, even if the clubs are claiming they have special deals. If you’re sober you can have lots of fizzy or energy drinks to give you that buzz for much cheaper! You won’t need to go to the bar as often or have to wait in those really long queues because you can make your drink last longer and you can enjoy what you’re drinking too!

However, one of the best things is the morning after when you wake up and you won’t want to be sick, you can remember what happened and you’ll not have to feel embarrassed. You can wake up, enjoy breakfast with a clear head and get on with the next day. What’s not to like about that? You don’t always need to have a drink to have a good time and sometimes you can even have a better time without it. It’ll be really good for your health and your liver will surely thank you too.

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