Yesterday it was burgers and today its biscuits! The bite-size treat that we Brits can’t go a day without has got its own national holiday and we are proud to celebrate the affair by munching our way through the office cupboards.

Originating from the two latin words ‘Bis’ and ‘Coctus’, Biscuit actually means twice baked and with that, have been sweetened to our liking ever since the Roman days. From dunking them in your hot beverage, to nibbling on a platter round Nan’s, it’s undeniable that you’ve experienced some comforting from the crumbly snack, meaning you must have a favourite!

Here at the SPG, we are not ones to turn down a bickie or ten, so before the cookie crumbles; we’re going to run down our five fabulous tasty staples. Hold on to your cuppa because this is going to be a seriously dunky debate!

5.) Pink Wafer
The not-so-trendy option. This glorious treat throws me back to the days round Grannies house, where I’d sit down round the coffee table and indulging into the many wonders of cartoons. A few years later, I’m still doing the same thing; except the TV has switched to a computer screen and good ol’ nana has swapped to the tea lady, Jenna. Pink wafers may make you absorb the odd dirty look but who cares when they taste that good?

4.) Ginger Nut
Variety is the spice of life… and so is dunking this baby into your brew. Beautiful in heat and texture, you’ll be at a hard push to find anything that is as satisfying as a ginger nut to warm your belly on a winter’s day and what’s more, they come in a cream filled edition too. With a clean snap and a cheeky dip into the whirlpool of tea heaven, a spicy nut will definitely set you on your way.

3.) Shortbread
Ah! The buttery, yet super sweet tang of a dense, shortbread biscuit. Native to the UK, everyone will have a packet of these stored away somewhere and let’s not forget the untold amounts that you receive off of Santa at Christmas. As an amateur cook, these biscuit bites are an ultimate gift as they pose a measly three ingredients to a recipe, yet they taste like a million pounds. Topped with chocolate, eaten on their own or even in a dessert, everyone should have shortbread on hand.

2.) Chocolate Chip Cookie
Thank you America! Our glorious cousins in the US have gifted us with yet another amazing food in the form of the cookie. Coming in many shapes, sizes and flavours, the cookie is renowned in the chocolate chip form and with that, no one can get enough. Even if it’s raw in its doughy foundation, you just want to sink your teeth into the spongy texture and kiss your taste buds with the heavenly flavour. Giving off pure euphoria, the cookie is only second to one.

1.)Cadbury Chocolate Digestive
You all knew it was coming! The legendary chocolate digestive. Smothered in a silky-smooth milk chocolate one side and baked to an oaty perfection on the other, the digestive is THE biscuit everybody has grown up on. Pick up your piping hot mug of drink and slide the snack straight in, only for the choccy to melt into a creamy complexion. As you bite down, the soft biscuit crumbles and you just get a great sense of euphoria. My mouth is watering just thinking about it and with that, we are concluding our list of ultimate biscuits to go eat some of our own.

Now, before I shoot off and raid the biscuit tin, you could be in with a chance of landing yourself a real treat in the form of two tickets to Cadbury World! All you have to do to be in with a chance of getting lost in a sweet world of chocolate is by entering for free HERE!!!