There’s much controversy in the media today regarding double Olympic gold medallist, Mo Farah.

According to rules put in place by UK anti-doping, an athlete can receive a ban of up to four years if three drugs tests are missed within 12 months. According to reports by the Daily Mail, the sporting star has missed two drugs tests within the last five years. One in 2010 and one in 2011, which put his spot in the 2012 Olympics in jeopardy.

Perhaps it’s not surprising these ¬†allegations have come to light, as Mo’s coach, Alberto Salazar, has recently been associated with doping. Farah had been training with Salazar a short while before missing his second test in 2011.

Apparently, Ricky Simms (Mo’s agent) tried to demonstrate through video evidence that the runner was enable to hear the doorbell from his bedroom and that this was the reason for him missing one of his drugs tests. This evidence was no accepted by officials.

Mo is yet to comment on the claims proposed by the Daily Mail, however during an interview for panorama, Farah admits to using Therapeutic Use Exemptions, but denies ever using thyroid medication.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a sporting legend has been accused of taking drugs to enhance their performance. Famous cyclist, Lance Armstrong admitted to taking drugs in 2013.

For now though, these reports are purely speculation, so only time will tell whether or not Mo and his coach, Alberto Salazar have done anything wrong. For now though, Mo has said he is standing by Alberto, as he has no evidence that his coach has done anything wrong. However the Olympic gold medallist did say he is annoyed that he has been dragged into the whole situation.