Hooking up with our article on World Ocean Day yesterday, we thought that it would be acceptable that we made something that would be relevant to most students’ favourite pastime: drinking. Whipping up a mean fishbowl and gulping in down like you’re a killer whale is a regular sight on a weekly club night; however it often comes with a loan eating price.

Here at the SPG, we’ve made it our duty to throw on the Hawaiian shirt, don the skimpy hula skirt and with that, mix up a cocktail class where you can create a fishbowl on a budget. Gone are the days where you have to fork out a fortune to get juicy with your drink and in are the days of zesty genius. So, grab your straw because we’re going to get drunk!

You Will Need…
1 x Clear Plastic Bowl
1 x Bottle of Spirit of Choice (Vodka recommended)
2 x Cartons of Juice (Orange and Mango are great)
A selection of Animal Shaped Sweets (Preferably Fish and a Jelly Snake)
A Large Bag of Skittles

Method to the Madness…
• Line the bottom of your fish bowl with your packet of skittles to resemble pebbles in a tank. This also gives of a great, sweet flavour.
• Dump in a heaped serving of ice, slotting your jellied animals all around to look like water life in an aquarium (Gummy Bears can be a new species, don’t worry)
• Empty half a bottle of vodka (or whole if you’re feeling brave) and mix it all up with your chosen juicy combo.
• Stick in the straws and sip away!
• Don’t forget, mix up your drinks to get even more funky colours and also add food colouring!

So there you have it! Impress your buddies and feel like a pro bar person in our key advice to making an awesome cocktail! I hope you enjoy.