Pizza Hut has now unveiled their latest invention and no, it’s not a pizza! The Hong Kong chain have cleverly designed a pizza box entitled, ‘Blockbuster Box.’ The pizza boxes now double up as movie projectors that customers can use in conjunction with their mobile phones. We investigated and discovered just how this new phenomenon works…

Watch this video to find out the science behind the Blockbuster Box:

Each pizza box comes with a QR code which enables you to download a film and don’t worry… there’s something for everyone’s taste! The company are offering four different boxes that enable consumers to watch a horror film, science-fiction film, romantic film, or action film. If you’re sharing the pizza with your other half, you may just have to order two different pizza’s, so that you get to watch something that both of you enjoys (what a shame!)

We’re forever associating pizza with movies, so why hasn’t this great invention been thought of before?!  We’re not sure if the quality will be that great, but you never know unless you try!

So the question remains… will the ‘Blockbuster Box’ be coming to the UK? Who knows. For now we’ll just have to drown our sorrows by tucking into some delicious pizza slices (how awful!)

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