Written By Sage Fitzpatrick

When you think of a café, what usually pops into your mind? A greasy fry up with all the trimmings, served at a table dressed in chequered tablecloths? Or a quiet place off the beaten track, where you can grab a quick coffee with friends in-between uni lectures? Sure, maybe a good few years ago that was the case, but now the café as we know it has evolved. Traditional cafés are out there, but now there is a new breed of café to hit our shores… and below are just a few of the ever-expanding themed cafés that have popped up all across the country.

If you’re in London and fancy a spot of breakfast, then you have a lot of choice. First stop for cereal lovers has to be the Cereal Killer Café. Its flagship store is located in Brick Lane and boasts an impressive cereal menu, with a huge selection of their very own cereal cocktails. Following success of the first store they have now opened up shop in Camden’s very own Stable Market.

Or if you fancy something a little healthier then head to the Porridge Café. That serves… you guessed it… porridge. From summer berries, coconut and chai seeds to chicken congee, this café serves a range of both sweet and savoury porridge options for you to try.

Now, this ones something a little bit different and one for the animal lovers. Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, located in Shoreditch has become a firm favourite with visitors of the city. Café goers can sit back and relax with a cup of tea and some cake, whilst watching the friendly felines that frequently visit the café jump and leap around. As long as you don’t feed, wake or pick the cats up, you are free to play, stroke and pose for pictures with the furry inhabitants.

However, it’s not just London that has got in on the themed café game. Belfast has also opened a gem in the shape of Simply Crispy. Opening at the beginning of the year this café gave punters the option of filling their sandwiches with over 32 different flavours of crisps. Unfortunately the café closed after a three month stint, but there’s hoping that one day it will return and fill crisp lovers hearts (and sandwiches) with joy again.

And finally, there is no themed café list without mentioning a Friends themed café. Liverpool has become home to not one, but two cafes representing the ever famous Central Perk. If you want to grab a cup off coffee whilst in Liverpool, head to either Hatton Gardens or Bold Street for your caffeine and Friends fix.

So, there you have it, just a few of the unique and quirky themed cafes that have hit the UK in the last few years. We are sure as time goes on even stranger and unusual cafes will be coming our way. What’s next I wonder?

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