The world is full of rivalries; the constant battle to better your arch enemies is something we’ll always see, and it goes without saying that it makes for a lot of debate and social rejection due to our choice of party. It’s like Batman and The Joker, Luke Skywalker versus Darth Vader, and it doesn’t just stop at people because the planet is renowned for its beef. Talking of which, did someone say they wanted a McWhopper?

That’s right, the two fast food bad-boys who have been champions of the burger game for so long, have decided to stop duelling each other with their spatulas and flipping meaty patties, in order to create world peace. For world peace day on the 21st of September, the two giants will stop slinging gherkins and join up to create a burger like heaven in the form of a McWhopper. We’re not joking, a McWhopper… It brings a tear to my eye and a dribbling in my hungry mouth just thinking about it. Who knows, they may even up there game even more and offer a Quarter Whopper with cheese? Or maybe a McNugget Royale? I could imagine it now; people would be queuing for miles for a taste of these delicacies.

But hold your horses before shooting this day in your diary just yet, as it seems it’s only going to be in play for our American cousins, and not even all of them are getting it. Only Atlanta seems to be the set destination for heaven on Earth and all money from the event is going towards World Peace Day. Good on you guys, but McDonalds and Burger King UK, pull your finger out because the public want this to happen!

Just look at the picture below to see what the proposed packaging will look like… Beautiful, isn’t it?

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