I am a huge supporter of snacking whilst studying. Probably because it is the only way to actually get me through it. Since it is the New Year and many people’s resolutions are to make healthy lifestyle changes… instead of trawling through packets of crisps and chocolate bars, I have found a few healthy snack alternatives.


Nuts contain loads of good nutrients for you body and are great to keep you going. Almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios… the possibilities are endless. You can just grab a bag of your favourite and get going. Why not make a trail mix? Grab a box, pop in a selection of nuts and your favourite dried fruits to keep it interesting.


Whether you buy it or make it yourself at home, hummus is really tasty! You can dip carrot sticks, celery sticks, peppers – pretty much anything into it. Add some lemon juice or garlic into your hummus to add more flavour.


So popcorn is considered to be healthy but only if it is plain air-popped popcorn, in healthy amounts and with very little (or no) salt. I love popcorn and it’s great to snack on when you are finishing your essay or during a study session.

Granola bars

These are probably my favourite because you can adapt it to yourself. You can buy them from the supermarket, but I’d recommend making them yourself so you know exactly what is in it (so it is actually healthy). You can find so many recipes online and adapt it to whatever flavours you like. Also, making them gives you a good and productive break in between studying.

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