Being a person of study is always a massive struggle. Constantly striving to get better grades, attending lectures and seminars, and not forgetting your social agenda, are all extremely time-consuming. After all your hours are swallowed up by the beckoning call of university life, you find your student self starving, but not only that, you have zero time on your hands to prepare a beautiful, Ramsey-like meal. So what do you go for, an empty calorie crumb or a pocket pinching takeaway? The dilemmas are never ending.

Sit back, relax and ping the microwave on full, because we’ve got some crafty nuking hack’s that’ll have your food tasty and ready before you can say ‘Pizza for breakfast’.

You must be Yolking!

Do you ever get a killer craving for some of your mum’s home cooked eggs but can’t bear the thought of waiting until the next holiday? Well now you can cook the hen blessed treats in a matter of minutes. Poached or scrambled, if you’ve got a spare one hundred and twenty seconds, you’ve got a meal. For the fluffiest scrambled snack, tip two eggs into a mug, add a dash of milk, beat it with a fork and ping it in the microwave for two minutes. As easy as peas, once you’ve achieved that, you can then take it to masterful wave levels and poach an egg. Again, drop a whole chicken gift into a cup, this time add a dash of water, place a bowl over the top and blitz or fifty seconds. If the egg is not to your liking, pop it back in for small bursts of ten seconds and ping, you’ll have a poached egg ready for demolishing.

Just Heat it

In the past, before we unravelled this trick, we always found that when we reheated our food in the oven from the future, it was cold in a lot of areas. After lengthy research into the science behind the technology of the wave lengths, we’ve discovered how to heat your treat to perfection. Simply place your hunger buster on the edge of the plate in the microwave rather than in the middle, that way the whole product circulates the oven rather than just sitting in the stationary centre. For years, everybody presumed the product should be placed in the middle, but how wrong we’ve been. So now you can indulge on your assignment fuel without nibbling on disappointing, frosty food.

From Sure Waste to Revived Taste

Sometimes you just have to do it. The student loan may have not quite come in yet and you’re just in severe need of saving some pounds. You reach for a nibble of leftover lunch, only to realise that it seems to be on its last legs. Don’t bin it! Most food can be revived in a quick half minute burst and in that, tasting like they  are fresh from the oven. From things like gooey cheese pizza to sweet sugar doughnuts, you’ll be able to find a fitting de-fibrillation recipe to kick your taste buds. Weave found that to nail the treat of heating up a pizza, you’d need to stick a slice in the microwave, along with a glass of water, for thirty seconds. This means that when you come to nuking it, the crust doesn’t become chewy like rubber. You can also spruce up your crisps too; if you’ve left the air
tight sack undone for too many days, slap some on a plate, throw them in for thirty seconds and there you go, crunchy, salty and ready crisps at your disposal.

Gino Di’Microwaver

After a short while, you’ll surely master the art of becoming the champion microwave chef and in that, you can only get better. It’s almost as though you could start your own degree in the highly technical hacks, but now it’s time for the next step. Recipes for success. Sweet cereal bars, decadent bacon and tender pasta, all of which can be whipped up in the mysterious box of glory. Our favourite of the bunch has to be the cereal bar, all you have to
do is grab yourself some Cheerios or something similar, pour them into a bowl, fold in some marshmallows and microwave it for thirty seconds. After about a minute of the hot mix hardening, you can then get your hands in. Mould the gooey treats into rectangles, place on grease proof paper and drizzle over Nutella, and there you have it, tongue tickling cereal snacks. Just think of the things you’ll be able to do in five years’ time, you’ll have Jamie Oliver knocking down your door to get your top secret tips. So next time student life is swamping you in a tight corner, fight back and fuel up by taking in a much needed, microwave snack. Time is of the essence and by smashing in a quick thirty second meal, you’ll have enough body fuel to keep you pumped until that midnight deadline hits. #LoveYourMicrowave

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