Summer is coming and everybody wants to be in their best health and look for the holidays. You might have started thinking of buying a new pair of shorts and a colourful bikini. You might have started going to the gym more often. But have you thought about what you are eating?

Here’s a look at 10 foods that are great for the summertime:

  • Watermelon
Dehydration is not great at any time, even less so in a hot summer day, when it is highly likely to happen. Not only can your skin appear dry and lifeless but you will feel just the same. Thus is you want to be able to go through your holiday with positive energy, number one priority in your list should be keeping hydrated. Of course drinking a lot of water should go without mention, but a tastier alternative to water is watermelon. Watermelon is mainly made of water, hence the name, but it’s a food you can bite and eat. That means that, not only will it keep you hydrated, but it will provide you with a snack opportunity that does not add to your calories, is yummy and is high on several health goods such as lycopene, antioxidants, amino-acids and vitamins A and C which are great for your skin. I’d go into more details, but I’d have to write a whole article on just watermelon, because it’s that good for you.
  • Blueberries
High fibre, full of antioxidants and also containing relatively high levels of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium and more, blueberries are one of the best foods you can eat at any time. They wouldn’t hurt your diet, they’re good for your bones, and they’re even advisable for people suffering from diabetes. Moreover, berries are such a flexible food to use too. You can have fresh blueberries, blueberry pancakes, blueberry muffins, blueberry tea, or another healthy mixture: blueberries and yoghurt. And due to their refreshing, not too sweet, not sour taste, these little blue fruits are perfect for the summer.
  • Carrots
When I was little, my mother would get me to have a bowl of grated carrots for breakfast instead of toast or… well if I’m honest, instead of nothing since I never wanted to eat breakfast anyway. She would always tell me to eat my carrots because they will make my skin pretty. Whilst my mother only tried that to convince me, she did have a point. Carrots are very rich in fibre, beta-carotene, vitamin A and several others. This makes them the best food for a healthy looking skin. Especially in the summer, when the vitamins found in carrots can help protect your skin from being harmed by sunburn (you should still use sunscreen). Furthermore, vitamin A can also be really good for your eyes. Eat your carrots.
  • Corn
In Albania, which I grew up in, during the very, very warm and long months of Summer, you will find street corners everywhere taken by people selling grilled corn on the cob. It’s a really tasty, slightly crunchy snack if you ask most (even though I prefer mine soft and boiled). But in a Mediterranean place like Albania, they must really know their healthy ways into summer, as it turns out, corn is very similar to carrots when it comes to health benefits. High in fibres and a good antioxidant, corn is easy to digest and a light alternative to heavier snacks which goes perfectly with a mellow summer night.
  • Iced Coffee
Like every food in this list, coffee is also a good antioxidant. Other than that, coffee can boost your energy and brain activity, and if your blood pressure goes too low because of the suffocating heat (trust me on this one) coffee will be your knight in a shining cup. For the warmer times, iced coffee can be a refreshing alternative to your normal cup. Furthermore, you can add different flavours to your iced coffee that will taste a lot better than they would if it was hot.
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