It’s said to be the most important meal of the day yet it can be the easiest to skip when you’re in a rush or strapped for cash. Don’t give into the temptation of grabbing a sugary breakfast bar or scoffing a slice of toast as you rush out the door. Here’s five quick, easy and healthy breakfasts that will work for your budget and set you up for the day ahead.

3 ingredient pancakes
1 ripe banana
2 eggs
1 handful blueberries or 2 tbsp. peanut butter / cinnamon / honey

Mash the banana with a fork and whisk together with the eggs. Add the selected third ingredient/s to the mixture and cook in a greased pan on low-medium heat for approximately 2 minutes on each side until ready to serve.

*Eggs and peanut butter are a great source of protein while banana provides a much-needed energy boost. Blueberries, cinnamon and honey are renowned for their antioxidant properties making them an excellent breakfast ingredient.

Overnight oats
40g jumbo rolled oats
250ml almond/coconut/soya milk
1 handful almond/Brazil/walnuts/hazelnuts
1 handful blueberries/strawberries/raspberries
1 tbsp. cinnamon (optional)
1 tbsp. honey (optional)

Combine all ingredients and place in a mason jar/covered bowl, store in the fridge overnight. Mix well in the morning then serve and enjoy.

*Oats help to lower cholesterol and maintain a healthy heart while nuts are a rich source of protein and monounsaturated fats which keep you feeling fuller for longer and promote healthy skin, hair and nails.

Eggs and avocado on toast
2 eggs
½ an avocado
1 slice wholegrain/rye bread

Either scramble your eggs with butter/coconut oil in a pan over the hob or poach in a pan of simmering water. Toast the bread and spread the avocado on top before finishing off with the eggs.

*Eggs are a great source of zinc, omega-3s and filling protein while avocado contains good fats that promote heart health and youthful skin. Wholegrains contain fibre which is important for good digestion and a healthy tummy.

Super-greens smoothie
3 handfuls spinach/kale
2 stalks celery, chopped
½ cucumber, chopped
1 green apple, chopped
1 handful blueberries
3 tbsp. plain Greek yoghurt
200 ml coconut water

Place all ingredients in a blender/food processor or mix in a jug with a hand blender and serve. To make the smoothie extra refreshing freeze the ingredients the night before.

*Leafy greens like spinach and kale are full of important vitamins and nutrients including magnesium, iron and vitamins A, C and K. Coconut water is a rich source of electrolytes and potassium which are needed for a well-functioning brain and nervous system.

Coconut, almond and cinnamon porridge
50g porridge oats
250ml almond/coconut/soya milk
3 tbsp. desiccated coconut
1 handful almonds
2 tbsp. cinnamon

Place all ingredients in a large pan over a medium heat and simmer for 5 to 6 minutes, or mix in a bowl and place in the microwave for 4-5 minutes. Keep stirring until you’ve got the consistency you like. Add extra milk or cinnamon if required.

*Healthy wholegrains such as oats contain slow-releasing carbohydrates which keep energy levels stable and reduce sugar cravings. Coconut contains short and medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) which are essential for good health and support the absorption of other nutrients including vitamins, minerals and amino acids.