University Societies – 

1. ‘Stitch n Bitch’ Society

This is no joke. And if it’s not already self-explanatory or what goes on in this society, well… you stitch… and bitch. Leeds University has its very own Stich n Bitch society. Who doesn’t love a good bitching sesh whilst making a scarf?!

  1. Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer Appreciation Society

For one, if you don’t know what one of these are, you’re definitely not worth of joining the society! But if you do, why not become a member of the Facebook society page that has over 250 likes, or make your own and hold your very own tea parties! (Caramel wafers included, obviously).

  1. Extreme Ironing Society

Now if this won’t get you to do your own ironing, then I’m not sure what will. Members from the University of Nottingham take ironing to new heights, literally. Whether it’s abseiling down the side of a waterfall or climbing to the top of a mountain, these guys will do it. All for a nicely ironed pair of trousers. Smooth.

  1. Nicolas Cage Appreciation Society

Yet another society that I am not kidding about. For anyone who loves Nicolas Cage, this is the perfect society to come together with others to discuss and appreciate all things NC.

  1. The Twenty Minutes Society

Members who are up for excitement, suspension and mystery join the Twenty Minutes Society. Every few weeks, members will receive a random text message with a location they have to reach within 20 minutes, and there they will also find a mystery event. Longer than 20 minutes and you miss out. They even run an annual mystery holiday where members will only find out where they are going once they arrive at the airport. Previous trips have included Barcelona and Cologne.

Written by Casey Sedgwick