Easter is not far off, the shops have rows of Easter Eggs ready to be bought a devoured, but why not make your own edible gifts?

An easy and old favourite bun recipe of mine that requires nothing baking in the oven, just chocolate and cornflakes! These are great to make with friends, family and parties, and it’s a simple recipe to make with the little ones!

You will need:

– Cornflakes (plain)

– Chocolate (Dark, white, milk, any you like!)

– A Pan and Bowl

– A spoon

– Bun cases

– Mini chocolate eggs

Step One

Boil a pan of hot water filled about half way until simmering, break your chocolate into small chunks into a heat proof bowl, then place that bowl on top of the pan (make sure the bowl is big enough and not touching the water)

Heating just in a sauce pan on the cooker or microwaving usually just burns the chocolate!

Step Two

Keep stirring your melting chocolate until melted, runny and delicious! Take off the pan and pour in your corn flakes and stir! Add as much as you like depending on how crunchy or chocolatey you want them! You can even add syrup!

Step Three

Scoop into bun cases and add little mini eggs for decoration! They looks like little bird nests with eggs ready to hatch! You could even add little chick decorations to look like the eggs have hatched!

You’re all done! Super Easy, Quick and Yummy! You can wait until they cool down to enjoy a crispy, crunchy chocolate nest, or enjoy them whilst they’re still a bit warm and gooey! Delicious!

Written by Casey Sedgwick