Has there ever been a better excuse to drink other than Christmas? I don’t think so! Try some of these awesome festive drinking games! Be aware that some of these games are not for the lightweights among you…drink responsibly…or try to anyway.

Festive Drinking Games – Christmas Tree

A fun variation of ring of fire but don’t forget to keep a bucket handy!

Players: 2+

What you’ll need: A deck of cards.

How to play: Place cards face down in a five row pyramid (one card top row, two cards in the second row and so on..) with one at the bottom horizontally. Working from the bottom upwards, take turns flipping over the cards.

  • Red cards – drink the number equivalent to the figure on your card
  • Black card – give the drinks out.
  • 10 – the person who flipped over the card drinks first, then proceed clockwise until everybody playing is drinking. The person with the waterfall card can stop drinking whenever they please but everybody else must keep drinking until the person to the left of them stops.
  • J – I have never.
  • Q – the person who retrieves the card becomes the question master until another Q is drawn. Anytime the question master asks you a question and you answer, you have to drink so try and be on the ball!
  • A – make a rule.
  • If a K is drawn, the person responsible has to down their drink.

Kris Kringle

How many times do you think you can say “Kris Kringle” once you’re absolutely smashed?

Players: 2+ (more effective with at least 4+)

What you’ll need: A decent supply of your favourite drink!

How to play: Sit in a circle and taking turns saying “Kris Kringle”. If anybody in the circle messes up their go in any way, they must drink. You can also say “Christmas Drinks” which reverses the direction of play. If anybody pauses or speaks out of turn, they must drink. You have a maximum of three “Christmas Drinks” allocated in a row – after that you must down your drink.

The 12 Days of Christmas

12 shots and 1 song! Prepare yourselves for the room spinning horrendously! Festive Drinking Games don’t get funnier than this!

Players: As many as you like!

What you’ll need: Your favourite Crimbo bangers and a variety of spirits at different strengths.

How to play: Line up 12 different type of shots(one lot of 12 for each person playing). Then allocate each shot to a different verse or passage within your favourite Christmas song of your choice! Play the song and take the shot relevant to the verse! Good luck.

Besides finding the right games to kick things off at your party, the next, and arguably equally important thing is finding the right drinks for these games. After all, you’d want your guests to have fun playing the games as much as possible. There are tons of drink options out there; from the typical beer, wine, champagne, and even whiskey for those who prefer something stronger. And if you’re looking for a reliable site to get your alcohol from, be sure to check out https://www.ishopchangi.com/en/category/wine-and-spirits/wine-and-spirits-spirits/japanese-whiskey.