In today’s modern society, we live for our mobile devices and media outlets. Many people struggle to go even a few hours without having the urge to pick up their phone and check their social media pages. It’s become an unhealthy addiction that I, and many others are guilty of – and it’s proving to be toxic for relationships.

Our goals are unrealistic

We have such a powerful insight into other people’s lives that we begin feeling jealous of what others have. Particularly when it comes to relationships; people will only portray the best parts of their relationship which leads others to believe it’s all sunshine and rainbows, but there’s no such thing as “relationship goals”. It’s giving us unrealistic expectations of our own relationships and making us believe that having an argument must mean the relationship is doomed for failure. People are simply giving up too easily as a result of social media.

Our social skills suck

We’ve spent so long sliding into DMs and communicating through online chats that when we go out on a date, we’ve literally forgotten how to interact with people face to face. It’s also far more easier online to take someone’s words the wrong way; adding a full stop to the end of your message might suggest you’re blunt and angry, when in reality, you just like to use proper grammar. So social media can easily trigger arguments and misunderstanding of feelings and emotions in a relationship.Social MediaThere’s no privacy

Social media has become a place to vent our emotions, so when we have a little spat with our other half, we often take to our phones and make a post about how much they’ve upset us. The problem with that is, by having public arguments presented to the rest of the world, what at first seemed like a little spat over some dirty laundry on the floor has turned into a giant public row; it’s blown entirely out of proportion. Break up and make up posts circle around online, making everyone who sees them believe you’re leading a truly dysfunctional relationship – no one will ever take you both seriously.

We’re not living in the moment

Can you remember the last time you really connected with your partner? Even when couples are watching movies together, or eating at a restaurant – it seems they are still scrolling through their feeds instead of appreciating each other and their company. We’ve forgotten how important it is to stay connected with the people around us, and not those online. Switch your phone off, and agree to spend quality time together without the interruption of notification sounds.

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