When it comes to starting a job after graduation, a master’s degree can make all of the difference. Now so many of us are going to university and graduating with a degree, competition for graduate jobs can be intense. Many new graduates struggle to find their ideal position, some can only secure entry-level jobs, and others end up having to take work in a different field entirely, waiting for the perfect position to come up while they earn money elsewhere. A master’s can make getting the right job easier. It can mean that you start earning more straight away and that your career gets off to a flying start. But, preparing for a master’s degree can be tough.

After three or more years at university, many find a master’s a bit of a culture shock. You’ll have greater freedom over what you want to study, different people around you, and they’ll be much more opportunity to do your own research and even get papers published. Whether you are a recent graduate, or you’ve been out of education for a while, if you are starting an online master of education, or any other further education course this year, it’s time to prepare.


If you’re at master’s level, it’s probably fair to say that you’ve got a keen interest in your subject of choice. You might already know a lot of background and have good basic knowledge. But, a master’s isn’t like a degree. You don’t spend the first year learning the basics before you really get stuck in. It’s hard work from day one, and you’ll be studying your subject at an in-depth level from the off. So, it’s a good idea to do as much pre-course reading as possible especially if you enrolled in the best online masters program in Philosophy. It’s a great idea to contact a tutor or course supervisor for some reading recommendations.

Get Organised

Many people that study higher education courses have other commitments. You might have a job, a family, people that need your time and other responsibilities. Fitting a tough course like a master’s into your life can be tough. So, get organised. Find childcare, cut back work hours, develop a home budget and ask for more help around the house. Get organised now so that you are ready when work starts.


You might have already seen a list of the modules that you will be able to study during your course. But, a master’s is only a year long. So, you might not have the chance to study everything that you want to. So, think about what you want to do once you finish your degree. What kind of job do you want? Do you want to take on further education? Do you have any kind of plan for the future? Make sure you take the classes that will help you on your next step. Take a look at job descriptions for the positions you think you might be interested in to help you make the right choice.


A master’s degree can be an enriching experience. So, don’t get too worked up, or nervous about going back to school. Relax, and enjoy yourself to get the most out of the opportunity.