The smoke industry has been around for a long time, but has existed in the shadows and been viewed as taboo for decades. In recent times things are moving forward all over the world and attitudes are finally changing. We are finally seeing this tremendously positive potential starting to get the acknowledgment it deserves. We are excited to be part of that change and look forward to a bright future as products and the sector as a whole come into the light.

At Balance, we’re dedicated to creating high quality accessories that deliver style and substance in equal measure. We take a systematic approach to developing and sourcing new products, investing in research that ensures we always provide you with exceptional, timeless goods. We have an ever-expanding range of products we have custom designed, with functionality always being our core guiding principle.

By combining a scientific approach with our core ethical values we aim to not only deliver innovative, functional products but an altogether more meaningful and refined consumer experience.

We’re passionate about bringing people together and in working towards a common goal. Putting principles before profit by actively seeking out partners that adhere to our sustainability and fair trade policies. Ultimately we aim to help make our world a fairer and more balanced place.

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