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A few weeks before the winter break, most students already have one foot out the door. In the middle of all the holiday preparations, it’s easy to forget that piles of schoolwork still needs to be done. But instead of feeling overwhelmed, you’re better off finding ways to cope up with what has been a stressful semester. Now is the time to muster your willpower, complete all your requirements, and finish the semester strong with your sanity intact.

1) Create a priority list

Your first order of business is to keep up with everything that’s going on in your classes. Do you have all the all the materials? What requirements are left for the duration of the course? Is there an approaching deadline for a research paper or assignment? By staying tuned in all your classes, you’ll be able to sort your priorities, allowing you to determine when and where to focus your time and energy. This is also a foolproof way of avoiding last-minute cramming sessions, which often result in poor performance and tons of stress.

2) Review due dates

Already listed your due dates on your planner or calendar? This is a great way to start the semester, but you need to double check the dates as the semester comes to a close. As you well know, due dates can change throughout the semester. Professors might assign additional assignments, forcing you to squeeze them in your already tight schedule. The last thing you want is to complete the wrong assignment or submit one late. If things get tough, remember that you can use online homework help like Assignment Expert to help you finish your homework on time.

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3) Be a problem solver

When the assignments, research papers, and exams become almost unbearable, it’s tempting to turn to activities that provide a short-term break. You may not realize it, but activities, like watching TV, eating junk food, and chatting with friends, are coping mechanisms, ones that may not be helping you inch closer toward your goals. Instead of letting your emotions get the best of you, it’s best to formulate problem-focused coping strategies.

After knowing your priorities and identifying the things that must be done first, figure out how much time each priority will take. Set aside time for each work. During this time, make sure that you stay away from all distractions. This isn’t rocket science, but it requires some serious discipline to stick to this strategy. You might be surprised by the results.

4) Take care of yourself

Schoolwork often gets more challenging toward the end of the semester, but what makes things worse is that the holiday season also marks the time when many students suffer from colds and the flu. It gets doubly harder to study and focus on the things at hand when you’re sick. All of the tips above are meant to help you finish your school requirements in the most efficient manner possible, thus avoiding sleepless nights and excessive stress. Taking care of yourself is something you shouldn’t take for granted. After all, you’ll want to have a healthy mind and body during your much-deserved winter break.