A sexual predator, a romantic lover, or just a prude? Your star sign might say a lot about the way you behave in the bedroom…



The star sign of Aries are typically great kissers and certainly like to take control… but they can be selfish lovers who like to take most of the attention, if you know what I mean. Aries are extremely sexual for short periods of time – you’ve gotta be quick if you want to please an Aries.


Being a pretty masculine sign, it’s usually the most sexually driven. Taurus are known for their love of food and the same goes for sex; they like time to enjoy it. They don’t rush things and take time to enjoy themselves – lots of touching and kisses.


Gemini’s a star sign that needs constant change and excitement to keep them interested. They’re not overly kinky but they enjoy trying new things. They can sometimes seem a little emotionally detached during sex but it shouldn’t be taken seriously.CANCER

Cancers are the most sensitive and emotional of the signs so they need a deep emotional bond with a sexual partner. They’re sweet, romantic lovers and don’t like anything too rough or “out there”. Things are kept simple and loving in the bedroom for a Cancer.


Leo’s are a sexually confident star sign and burn with fiery passion in the bedroom. They love taking charge and exploring pleasures. They’re also pretty easy to seduce – just feed them as much attention as you can and they’ll be down for anything.


Sex for a Virgo has to be clean, neat, and near perfect at all times. They are the pickiest of signs and are often difficult to please. That being said, they are one of the most loving signs and give you their full attention in the bedroom. When sex is good with a Virgo, it’s great.


Libras a people pleasers so they are attentive lovers who aim to make their sexual partners feel special. They love good old-fashioned romance and will only engage in more adventurous stuff once they are comfortable with their partner. So also like to take it slow…


As one of the most sexual signs, they are often intense and very physical in the bedroom which makes them sometimes come across manipulative and controlling. Physically they are fantastic lovers but are usually emotionally distant.


They’re young at heart and sometimes come across childish – this just makes them creative in the bedroom and open to experiments! They are not usually invested in long term relationships and are easily bored by sex if it becomes mundane with no change.


Capricorn typically have to emotional invested and in love to enjoy sex with someone. They are steady and consistent when it comes to sex and always aim to please. They are open to experimentation but only when they are comfortable. They like long term relationships and are in it for the long run.


They are all about physical intimacy and don’t need an emotional connection to have sex. They don’t tend to fall in love often but when they do they fall hard and sex becomes intimate as opposed to just some fun as it might have been before.


Pisces as star sign typically just want a steady, happy relationship in which both parties are satisfied in the bedroom. They love make-up sex and aim to please themselves and their partner equally. If you want an easy life and relationship – Pisces is the one!

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