Firstly, congratulations on your recent signing to MTK Global and turning Pro! You must be really excited?
Thank you that’s appreciated, and of course I’m very excited.

Although you’ve been training hard for many years, now you’ve stepped up into the professional world, do you see this as the beginning, or is it just what you already do?
For sure it’s what I already do and all I know but it’s definitely the start of something new.

How will your training change now you’ve been signed to MTK Global?
I have a training programme that I now follow and the intensity has definitely increased and changed me physically and mentally.

You’re making your MTK Global professional boxing debut in 6 weeks from tomorrow. Do you feel ready?
I was born ready; this is what I live for and what I’m destined to do. I’ve been putting in the hard work in the gym – now the result on the night can speak for itself.

How many calories do you eat a day and what is your diet like?
When in training camp I eat fairly clean and take in about 1500/2000 calories.

You’re clearly extremely determined; I’ve been watching you on social media for some time. It’s great to see such passion and determination pay off.  Am I correct in saying that your style of boxing is Muah Thai boxing, and how different is this from traditional boxing?
I used to be a professional kickboxer and my style was very similar to boxing, I preferred to use my hands more than my feet and it was only a matter of time before I made the transition, which hasn’t been as difficult as expected, but I’m still learning.

Jamie Whelan MTK Global

What is your coaching style? Do you have a trainer, or like Chris Eubank Junior, are you self-taught?
I have a team of trainers so one monitors and arranges the sparring, one controls my pad work and the other controls my strength and conditioning, quite lucky really.

What weight are you going to be fighting at, and will you intend on fighting at the same weight throughout your career?
Featherweight/super featherweight. Yeah sure, I mean experiments might be made through the first year of my career but we will see.

Who’s been your biggest influence to date?
My mum of course, and family! They mean the world to me and we’ve been through so much together, they influence me massively.

What’s life been like for you growing up as a kid, and did it play a part in why you got into fighting and give you the determination you clearly have?
I had a good upbringing my mum done well to bring up 3 kids on her own. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be where I am today. She was the one that first took me into a karate gym to keep me and my brother off the streets and to learn to protect ourselves from violence on the streets, so I guess it’s played a part in why I got into fighting.

What are the most important things needed for a person to be successful in boxing?
A clear mind, dedication, sacrifices, hard work and surrounding yourself with good people.

Do you have an ultimate goal in your career, and life?
To be a world champion and help my family live a good life.

Best of luck Jamie, not that you need it. I look forward to watching you throughout what will no doubt be a highly successful career.
Thank you very much, I hope to please and see you soon! God bless.