An average mobile user gets a new handset once every 18 months or so. When this happens, the question is, what happens to their old devices. One of the answers is they get recycled. Recycling an old phone helps you get instant cash and is also beneficial for the environment. In this article, we will help you understand how you can get your mobile recycled in the UK.

Where to recycle your old handset

Where can I recycle mobile phone at the highest price? There are several recycling companies, both online and offline. Most of them have dedicated a service, which allows them to pay you good money for your old and unwanted handsets. The key here is to research well and get quotes from different service providers to get the best price.

What happens when mobile phones get recycled

First and foremost, the recycler would check the IMEI number to ensure that the handset is not stolen or lost. The device would then get sent to the factory where it would spend some time. Most of the mobile phones get refurbished. Their parts get fixed or replaced, and with a thorough cleaning, they get a new lease of life.

Some handsets remain in the UK and get sold with a refurbished tag. In some cases, people receive them as replacements for their broken or lost devices. Some high-end ones would get transferred to emerging markets in Asia, Russia, Africa, or Latin America. When a phone gets too old and beyond repair, its parts are separated. Some parts get used as replacements in other devices. The others get melted down. The metals and plastic of mobile phones get recycled.

What is the worth of your old handset

The actual amount would depend on a lot of factors like the model, age, and condition. The demand and the resale value will also affect the price you receive. Locked and unlocked is another criterion that influences the resale value. You can expect a higher amount for unlocked ones. The chances of getting a better price decreases as the age of the device increases. So the best time to sell your old mobile phones is right away. Apple is the market leader, and its handsets do not lose much value. Samsung follows it at the second spot. Any other brands besides these two do not have much of resale value.

Can broken mobiles get recycled

Irrespective of the condition of your handset, each one has some value. So even if it has a broken body, cracked screen, or water damage, you can still sell it to bulk buyers and recyclers. Since they are specialist service providers, you can expect to receive a decent amount from them. Some recyclers also help you donate the money to a charity. Contributing to such noble causes will also help you feel good. Mobile phone recycling in the UK is popular as several companies offer such services.

Make a donation

If money is not something that concerns you, it is advisable to donate your phone to a charity. Rather than keeping it idle at your home or throwing it away in the garbage, you can donate it to the needy. You can also send it to a charity that will do the recycling for free. Your donated phone can help raise money for charity. Several community groups and schools also take old handsets to raise funds.

Is selling or recycling the right option

It doesn’t make a difference to the amount if you sell or recycle your old device. Most service providers offer both buying and recycling services. Their rates would not differ much. Irrespective of the condition and age of your mobile phone, sell or recycle it. Keeping it idle in your closet or throwing it in the bin will not be the best option. Phones have toxic chemicals that need careful disposal. So when you sell or recycle old mobile phones, you also do a favour for the environment.