It goes without saying that the past year has been strange. With multiple lockdowns, restrictions and the UK pretty much closed until recently, we’ve all spent more time at home than usual. With this; Netflix couldn’t make shows fast enough to keep up with “consumer habits”, lounge wear pretty much sold out everywhere (as did toilet paper), and you either started to look like a caveman/woman or shaved your head. But during lockdown many of us managed to block the TV remote urge, the desire to splash out on new PJs, accepted our natural look and focused on learning new skills. That’s right, people actually learnt new things. They’re called hobbies, or as we’ve called them – lockdown hobbies. Here’s a look at what you could’ve done…

Lockdown Hobbies List

  1. Learned to cook like a pro. That’s right, not no merge bread together to form the pizza base job and slap on some ketchup. Proper cooking. You know with real dough, real tomatoes and everything.

  2. Started to play an instrument. No… hitting tin cans with sticks doesn’t count. Well maybe. But no. A real instrument like a guitar, keyboard, violin etc. Until your flatmate broke the 2 metre rule, then broke your new toy. (For all the bedroom DJs out there, mixing counts – I hope your house mate didn’t smash your Pioneer XDJ-RX2 controller. Pricey).

  3. Picked up a paint brush. And yes actually used it… to paint. No, not nude pictures, just pictures of pleasant things like a cottage in the mountains, a lake, a sunset at a beach. Remember how those beautiful scenes looked? Nope. Well that doesn’t matter – you now have a new master piece to admire. Might even be worth a few quid.

  4. Writing. One of those creative things you’ve always wanted to do, but never really had “time for”. Well times change. You found time. You had time. Made time. Wait, where’s time gone? It doesn’t matter, we haven’t got time for this now.

  5. Gardening. That’s not sad, making sure your grass is cut to precisely 5cm, feeding the lawn, planting each sunflower seed in pairs and always watering your plants after the sun’s gone down to avoid burning the leaves. Call your nan. Seriously. She’ll love it.

Other Activities

Other activities which we improved upon during lockdown, but didn’t make the lockdown hobbies list above due to the fact they’re not really new hobbies include cleaning (yuck), gaming (always been good), drinking lots (bad for your health), and sex. There’s a baby boom but how was that even possible with lockdown and the 2 metre rule? So we have a generation of outlaws on our hands, great.

Jokes aside. We hope you did manage to make positive of a bad situation. It’s not been easy on anyone and if you are in need of any kind of support, try reaching out to close friends and family or seek professional help. There’s always someone that will listen and if it means distracting you from performing your new solo single, well everyone’s a winner.