No wardrobe is complete without a few fashionable accessories. Without accessories, your outfits will always look somewhat bland. On the other hand, you can tie together just about any trendy outfit with the right accessories, up-style the most casual looks, or add comfortable touches to elegant evening wear. The options are pretty endless. So whether you are searching for the right accessories to personalise your spring wear wardrobe or to tie together winter wear to create your own unique, stylish outfits, here are ten accessories that you should have in your collection to top off any outfit. These accessories are a great way to kick off a collection that can be added to overtime. With that said, you can also select your first accessories with the help of accessory trend guides.

A Cute Phone Case

Because your phone is frequently featured in mirror selfies or lying in a frame when you are posing, matching your phone to your clothing could be that one step you’ve been missing all along. It will be your ideal accessory if you have a phone case that complements your style. Nowadays You’ll have no trouble finding a trendy¬†iPhone 13 pro max phone cover¬†because they’re always adding new types! When you have a lot of alternatives, it’s easy to turn your phone into a fashion accessory.

Engraved Rings

Rings can make a massive difference to your overall look, and choosing the correct rings will depend on your personal fashion preferences. Because you are searching for accessories that will personalise generic trends, you can consider a tungsten engraved Harry Potter ring if you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan, like so many of us are. On the other hand, you can also find rings with engravings for your favourite iconic film. At the same time, there are also tons of ring styles out there, so you can find vintage rings, modern, simplistic rings, and countless others to add to your collection, depending on your style.

Pendant Necklaces

A pendant necklace can make a massive difference to the overall look of any outfit. And it’s all in the pendant. You can opt for low-hanging chains with large, attention-grabbing pendants or shorter chains with smaller pendants. It’s really up to you. However, having a collection of chains in various lengths and a few pretty pendants is a sure way to complete your outfits without much effort. The styles and designs are endless, although you can narrow down your choices by considering the latest jewellery fashions of 2021 if you aren’t sure which designs can best compliment your style.

Bold Earrings

Bold earrings don’t always mean large oversized earrings. However, oversized earrings are a trend that’s making a massive comeback in 2021 fashions, as we can see numerous iconic celebs flaunting large hoops, vintage feathers, and lengthy pendant earpieces that draw attention almost instantly. There are so many excellent styles and designs to choose from. However, be sure never to wear bold earrings with a bold pendant, as you should generally only wear one bold accessory while opting for simplistic accessories otherwise.

Trendy Handbags

A trendy handbag can complete any outfit. The right bag can also up-scale the blandest clothing pieces if paired with an elegant pair of heels. However, be sure to consider the trends of 2021 when choosing the right handbags. Oversized bags are coming in again, while heavy details and embellishments are also significant this year. At the same time, smaller purses and micro bags are also trending.

Stylish Bracelets

Stylish bracelets can be Y2K chunky plastic or sparkling designs, or they can be dainty, delicate silver chains. The options are also endless, so you’ll want to get a few to add to your accessory collection. Keep in mind that it is best never to wear bracelets with a wristwatch, as you want to avoid over-accessorising outfits.

A Watch

A suitable wristwatch is a perfect way to complete any outfit, and you have the choice of modern tech smartwatches, classy silver chain watches, leather straps, and everything in between. Wristwatches are functional accessories, which is why everyone should have at least one in their collection of accessories. It is also best to opt for quality as these can last a lifetime.

A Variety Of Hair Accessories

Wearing numerous large hairpins has been trending for quite some time, although not everyone is a fan of the new fashion. Although the right hair accessories can up-style any outfit and transform your look instantly. So you should have a few trendy hair bows, hair bands, clips, and other hair accessories in your collection to create any hairstyle easily in the comfort of your own home.


Hats are great accessories, and finding suitable hats is a lot easier than you might think. You can start your collection off with a simple black of grey knitted beanie, a fedora, a sports cap, and a Rikki hat if you’re a bit more fashion-forward. However, there are so many hat styles out there that you can keep adding to your collection over time. You can also consider slouchy beanies and flat caps if you’re after street fashion looks.

Waist Belts

Chain belts are trending this year, although leather belts will remain timeless and iconic. You can add various waist belts to your collection to top off any outfit, and even fabric bow belts are starting to make waves in the fashion industry. However, when choosing belts, always be sure to opt for skinny waist belts if you are petite, while larger waist belts offer a slimming effect for curvier women. You also have a choice of endless belt buckle designs to choose from.


Self-confidence is the best accessory you can wear to pull together any outfit. Whether you are up styling a drab outfit choice or flaunting street fashion trends, the ultimate key is your self-confidence. Without the element of confidence, you won’t feel comfortable in anything you wear. So it is best if you always considered the importance of body confidence, dressing right for your body shape, and flaunting your best features with absolute self-confidence.

There are tons of ways to boost your self-confidence, and practicing self-care, exercising, and repeating confidence-boosting mantras are all excellent options. There is truly no wrong or right way to complete your outfits; neither is there a right or wrong way to find your self-confidence and flaunt your stylish outfits with a positive mindset. Feeling confident is essential for everyone, regardless of what you’re wearing or what your choice of accessories is.