Having enough money to finish your degree might be difficult. Typically, students will have part-time work to help pay for their education. However, The Student Pocket Guide has devised several innovative methods to earn additional cash from starting your own business on Etsy or Depop to dog walking!

Online Surveys

Several websites now pay students to contribute information about their points of view on numerous subjects and topics. Before you get paid, you will be asked a series of questions. Some of the companies will pay up to £5 for each survey. Some of these opinion sites are international, so check the conversion rate to determine how much you will receive after completing each survey. Swagbucks, Toluna, Life Points, and Opinion Outpost are some popular sites.

Become A Delivery Rider Or Driver

Companies such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and Just Eat are prepared to pay you to deliver meals to their customers. Make sure you own a bike or carto get started, then download the applicable company app(s) on your smartphone and sign up. The good news is they provide you complete freedom to work in your spare time which is ideal as a student. You choose when to work!

Sell Your Revision Notes

Your class notes, study notes and textbook summaries are valuable to sell on for some extra cash. Some good sites to try are Stuvia, Notesale, and Docmerit, or you may sell them on eBay by creating your own account and uploading a preview sample of your notes. Please ensure that they are written in your own words, as websites can detect plagiarism.

Sell Second-Hand Course Books

I’m sure you have a stack of old books or used textbooks gathering dust on your shelf at the end of the year. Selling books online is a fantastic method to supplement your income. The sooner you get rid of your used textbooks, the better. They soon become obsolete, and the more relevant they are when you sell them, the more money you may make. Sell them on Facebook Marketplace, groups, eBay, or sites like WeBuyBooks.co.uk and tag your course/university for immediate visibility. Remember to consider delivery costs and check multiple sites to ensure that you are listing it at the greatest price possible and look at your competitors.

Sell Your Old Clothes

Selling your clothes is a great method to generate money and ensures that someone else sees the things you don’t want as a treasure! In addition to gaining a little extra money, you are extending the life of clothing by keeping it from being discarded in landfills, resulting in a more sustainable society. Check out eBay, Depop, and Vinted. Check their listing costs because each site has different fees and policies. If you’re attempting to sell a lot of goods at once, a bundle of comparable items is a wonderful option since you can do significant clear-outs and get clothes to sell quickly!

Dog Walking & Sitting

If you enjoy animals, you could work as a dog walker or sitter. Pet sitting allows you to work your own hours and set your own income, which is ideal when you are busy completing your degree. Explore sites in which you might promote your service and read the terms and conditions carefully, since some may need you to pay an advertising fee.

Freelance Work

Another fun hobby that might earn you additional money is online freelancing. You may choose your own rate and work when it is convenient for you according to your studies. There are several online freelancing opportunities available, including writing, graphic design, virtual assistants, academic writing, and so on. What you will need is expertise in the subject you choose to pursue, as well as a decent internet connection.

Have An Online Blog

If you enjoy writing, creating a blog may be for you. Try exploring sites like WordPress, Wix Site, and Tumblr; they’re simple to start up and provide free basic choices! The more people that see your articles, the more sponsors you may receive! When writing about items, you can include affiliate links to earn a small reward based on how many people utilise the link to make purchases or click on it from your webpage. This will also assist you in the long term because employers prefer to see that you have been involved outside of your degree when they look at your LinkedIn or CV.

Start A YouTube Channel

You might earn extra money by creating your own YouTube channel and sharing what you like doing with the rest of the world. Create a channel on whatever you like; you can even vlog about your student life. Creating your own YouTube platform is simple and straightforward. Depending on how many followers you have and the quality of your content, you may make a lot of money.

Use Your Degree To Become A Tutor

If you excel in your subject, being a private tutor is an excellent method to not only boost your CV but also earn some money. It pays well and is flexible, so if you have excellent topic knowledge, can communicate well, and are patient, this job is ideal for you.


When you enrol as a student, you may be required to make large purchases, such as new gadgets or appliances, which may not be supplied to you from the outset. With Cashback, you may get money back on these purchases! Sites such as Quidco and TopCashback are fantastic, but make sure to read their terms and conditions before using them!

Start Your Own Business On Etsy Or Depop

Starting a company on Etsy or Depop if you are crafty or have a passion for collecting clothes or goods is a wonderful way to convert a pastime into something profitable. For example, you may establish your own Etsy vintage business by sourcing stylish garments, knitting attractive things, or even starting a jewellery line on Depop. You may also sell collectables such as old records, cameras, and other trinkets. Make sure you have enough space in your accommodation or student housing to keep any goods you want to sell. Starting a business on Etsy or Depop has never been easier.

We hope that this advice will assist you in earning some additional money while studying for your degree.