Amidst your studies and social life at Uni, you will no doubt come across a few practical and financial hurdles. For these, sometimes you’re in desperate need of a quick and easy shortcut to take the stress off your shoulders. Thankfully, we’re here to help with just a handful of suggestions for student essentials that could save your sanity. Uni should be a fun, rewarding experience for everyone who attends, so maximising that in any cheap and easy way you can is just a lifesaver. Here are just some ideas for student essentials, from a TOTUM student discount card to cookbooks and more:

TOTUM Student Discount Card

Balancing your student loans in order to make room for food, textbooks and social activities is no easy task. It’s something you have to constantly keep in check, to make sure you’re not going overbudget and spending too much. Thankfully, these days there’s many a solution to this. Carrying a student discount card around is a money, time and life saver.

There’s only one service to date that offers a student discount card – TOTUM. While there may be more options to choose from in the future, there’s a reason why TOTUM is number one. It just works, and it just gets the job done. It comes as a physical card, a digital card and as a proof of ID for clubs, bars and more. Instead of waiting around for the next student discount to come around, TOTUM already has them saved and ready to go whenever you may need them.

TOTUM covers the entire spectrum of student life, from social to entertainment to work. Meaning, you no longer have to worry about balancing budgets and can save a lot more money across the board for your entire tenure at Uni.

Besides discounts, the items themselves that you’ll be needing may vary from course to subject. TOTUM and other discount services will help with buying food, drinks and textbooks. But what about items you may not realise you’ll need but will likely come in super handy?

Other Student Essentials

Of course, chargers are a big and obvious answer to this question. However, while you may keep a spare charger lying around for your devices, what about situations where there isn’t an outlet? After all, depending on where you’ll be studying or taking notes from a lecture, there may not be one in sight. Thankfully, portable chargers and wireless charging pads will be your saving grace. These gadgets are massively underrated in my opinion, purely because, in most cases, they’re more efficient than regular chargers. Power banks, for example, work for hours after a full charge and will bring your devices to full battery much faster than normal. This kind of efficiency and speed may be crucial for Uni work, especially during lectures.

Meal ideas and kitchen essentials is something we’ve covered before, but one can never go wrong with a cookbook. It may seem simple and silly, but planning out your meals for the week with a cookbook can save you a lot of headache and hassle when grocery shopping.

While, yes, listing several tech products and household purchases can be useful and applicable to many. However, sometimes the simplest solution is the most valuable. No one can predict how your student life and time at Uni will turn out. But, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

That’s why, last but certainly not least, it’s highly advisable that you keep contraception and first aid kits in your room. It’s indeed an awkward subject to broach and an awkward purchase to make. However, your uni-going experience should be, above all else, as safe for you as it is fun.