We’re not quite sure what’s happened in recent years but it appears that (a lot of) men do not know how to be the perfect gentleman. Maybe it’s linked to societal changes, equality, the digital era or plain laziness, but fear not! We have got a really simple and easy-to-follow guide on how to be the perfect gentleman for your partner…

A Guide To Being The Perfect Gentleman

  • Dress well! No matter where you are taking your date, the phrase “dress to impress” is always applicable. You can make an effort without wearing shoes and a blazer. Select your outfit with thought for the occasion, wear clean and freshly smelling clothes. Just make an effort!
  • When making an effort, make sure that this applies not only to what you are wearing but your hygiene. Take a nice fresh shower or bath, and give yourself a spray with your favourite cologne before you set off. If you’re skint and out of aftershave, pop into Boots for a cheeky quick spray ahead of your date, although if you’re skint then maybe the point here is to make sure you can afford the date in the first place!
  • After you’ve exited Boots feeling like a stud, pop to the cash point and withdraw an extra £10 for some nice flowers. Not everyone likes them so we cannot guarantee success, but no one can deny it’s a romantic gesture!
  • Reserve a table for two, and explain on the booking you’d like a nice table. That might mean a window view or a table tucked away nicely. What you don’t want is to get a table for two, next to a large party group who are loud and drowning out the sound making things awkward.
  • Always offer (with the intention) of paying for the meal. If your date says let’s go halves, offer again that you are happy to pay. If after this they insist on paying half, then pay half, if not – be prepared to front the full bill and do so with enjoyment. This is you being a gentleman remember, and that’s what gentlemen do.
  • Always open doors. This is such an easy thing to do but often missed. Walk ahead to open the door to the restaurant, taxi. Make your date feel special. Open the doors!
  • Compliment your date on how they look. Show that not only have you made an effort, but that you can see they have too. Don’t overdo it, but make them aware you have noticed. A simple “you look lovely” is suffice.
  • Don’t talk about yourself too much, make sure there is balance in conversation!
  • Show interest in your date, not just through conversation, but make eye contact with the person.
  • If you’re feeling overly confident about how the date is going, you could hold their hand. Once the date is done, if you feel a connection, ask for a second date and kiss them (on the cheek).

There you have it, 10 top tips on how to be the perfect gentleman. Go woo that date and make some fond memories!