It is no coincidence that Liverpool, located in northwest England, is well known for its music culture since it is the birthplace of The Beatles. There are several other entertainment options for students at the University of Liverpool or Liverpool John Moores University. There is something for everyone to enjoy, whether it is a museum visit, a concert, or a drink at the waterfront.

Royal Albert Dock

Pay a visit to the Royal Albert Dock! It is a picturesque refurbished section of Liverpool that houses Liverpool’s Tate Gallery as well as the Beatles Museum, a homage to the legendary musical group. There is plenty to do in this lovely setting.

Experience Music

Liverpool has a long musical heritage. To experience what the city has to offer, visit these locations:

The Beatles Story

The exhibition presents the narrative of The Beatles’ rise to fame. The Beatles Story is located on the picturesque World Heritage shoreline at the Royal Albert Dock. The exhibition takes guests on an interactive journey through the lives, times, culture, and music of one of the world’s greatest bands. Set aside 2 hours to view the whole exhibition. You can purchase tickets here.

British Music Experience

BME is the place to go if you want to discover British music from the Beatles to The Spice Girls. BME has an unrivalled collection of stage attire, instruments, photographs, and video recordings. Galleries, interactive zones, audiovisual experiences, and holographic performances are all part of the Museum. Be sure to check this museum out. You may purchase your tickets here.

The Shipping Forecast

The Shipping Forecast is the place to go to enjoy a drink whilst listening to live music. The Slater Street venue frequently showcases musicians. Be sure to stop by for some live music!


Want to go karaoke with your friends? Head down to Woodys! You will find the bar on Wood Street, right in the heart of Liverpool’s nightlife. Karaoke typically begins at 8 p.m except on Saturdays beginning at 5 p.m.

University Of Liverpool | Liverpool John Moores University | What To Do

Students At University Of Liverpool And Liverpool John Moores University At The Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral

Visit Liverpool Cathedral if you want to see the biggest cathedral in the United Kingdom! Admission to the cathedral is free. The tower and audio tour is recommended. Enjoy the ‘Tower Experience’, the pinnacle of the cathedral for a stunning perspective over the city and enjoy unrivalled panoramic views from 500 feet above sea level!

Museum Of Liverpool

The spectacular new Museum of Liverpool is dedicated to the city’s history. You can view the stage where Paul McCartney¬†first met John Lennon and have a 360-degree immersive football experience here. Admission for students is only ¬£5!

The University Of Liverpool And Liverpool John Moores University Students Should Go To A Cat Cafe

What better way to relieve the stress of university is by visiting a Cat Cafe? Lunch options include paninis and bagels. Come here for endless beverages and a wonderful bakery selection with plenty of cakes, muffins, and biscuits.

Enjoy all that Liverpool has to offer while you are a student! Read more on what you can do in Liverpool here.