You might look up ‘How Long Does Clearing Take UCAS’ online. This post will cover all there is to know about UCAS Clearing 2022. If your results were not as expected, you may have ended yourself here. Don’t worry, Clearing will assist you in finding the ideal university for you. Continue reading to learn more!

What Is UCAS Clearing 2022? 

Most institutions will still have plenty of course spaces available when exam results are published. Clearing helps students to secure a place at university and fill any spaces available on their courses.

Make A Checklist

To make the process hassle-free you should make a checklist. Here are some points to include on your Clearing Checklist:

Have a look at your Clearing alternatives before results day. The Clearing period usually begins in July and ends in October. So make a plan and register your interest ahead of time. On results day, the universities will contact you to walk you through the application process and alleviate some of your worries.

It’s a good idea to write down…

  • Your Name
  • Birth Date
  • UCAS Id Number
  • Clearing Number
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • A-Level Results
  • GCSE Results
  • Other Grades
  • Personal Statement
  • Log-in Details For Track
  • Notes On The Course
  • Notes On The University
  • Questions You Want To Ask The University

This is so that when you call universities, you will have this information readily available to make the process straightforward.

Quick Clearing 2022 Tips

  • If you are feeling overwhelmed, get advice from your tutors and lecturers. They are always there in times of need, particularly on results day.
  • Applying for a creative course such as an art or design course? Make a digital portfolio to showcase your work!
  • Maintain your cool. Being anxious simply increases the pressure of Clearing, so try to be optimistic and relaxed.
  • Show off our skills and sell yourself when you call universities. Show the university that you are enthusiastic about the course and what it offers to bag your place!
UCAS Clearing 2022 | How Long Does Clearing Take UCAS | Guide

How Long Does Clearing Take UCAS

How Long Does Clearing Take UCAS

Following a verbal offer over the phone, you will receive an email explaining what you need to do next. Within an hour, you will receive an email instructing you to refer yourself via the UCAS track within five days. The track will not allow you to mention yourself until after 3:00 pm on Results Day. Once you’ve referred yourself, you’ll need to download it from UCAS to our system. Your information will be checked and forwarded to UCAS. Remember on results day there are thousands of other students going through the same process. This means Clearing can take anywhere from a few hours to several days so be patient.

If You Have Doubts

Always have an open mind and keep calm! Consider other courses that you may not have considered previously. Don’t be turned off by a university you hadn’t considered before. You may enjoy it! We are confident that UCAS Clearing 2022 will help you find the most appropriate course for you.

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We hope that this ‘Guide To Clearing’ has alleviated your fears about having to go through it on results day! Best wishes with your applications.