Feel exhausted and tired after the exams? If you are looking for a way to beat the post-exam blues, then a glass of a gentle, tasty wine at a party is what you obviously need. Each student needs a break from the busy college life which apart from studying, it often includes earning money by working half-time or full time jobs. So, the last thing they need is a party with cheap, poor quality alcohol that will cause a terrible headache in the morning. Then, what is the best within a budget option for a good quality wine that will satisfy your taste buds and help you relax your mind and body?

If you are new to wine, you could use some extra hints before diving into the magical land of wines.

  • Some students are not into experimenting with new wine tastes and if you are one of them simply look for the type of wine you already like.
  • Consider the type of food you are going to eat. For heavy meals and roast red meat choose а red wine.
  • Students who are fond of unusual food tastes and combinations, crispy and sparkling rose would be the best wine choice.
  • If your student party is on warm spring days or hot summer nights, then you should choose a refreshing white wine that will perfectly match with light food and salads.
  • Students who prefer drinking sweet wine should combine it with a barbeque dish.

Now, let’s start with the lighter wine versions i.e. white wines which are very popular between non-wine drinkers as well.


Style: Sweet white wine with mixed flavours of honey, mango, peach and caramel. It contains 4.5% of alcohol, and has a long finish with floral notes.

Food: It’s a perfect match with aperitif or mild cheese.


Style: Refreshing white wine and a real crowd pleaser. It is a blend of citrus fruits, peaches and apricot flavours, fresh, crisp, and rich in fruit aromas, with clean finish. Easy to drink, alcohol content 12,5 %. Best served cold.

Food: Fish, chicken, pork and spicy food.


Style: Excellent summer wine for every occasion. Dominant flavour of pear and minerals, along with apple, melon and citrus notes. Dry, full-body, easy to drink. Contains 12% alcohol. Best served cold.

Food: Perfect match with appetizers and snacks, fish and seafood, cured meat.

Get to know the elegance and sparkling freshness of rosé wine.


Style: Well- balanced rose wine with scent of sour candy, raspberries and strawberries. Easy to drink, citrus and crispy on the finish. Alcohol 12%. Best served cold.

Food: Appetizers and snacks, aperitifs, pasta, vegetarian.

Students who love the rich and luxurious taste of red wines should try these mouth-watering beautiful drinks.


Style: Dry red wine, with flavours of dark forest fruits, plums, blackberries and cherries, with a hint of vanilla and cigar box. Contains 13.5 % alcohol.

Food: Pizza, Pecorino cheese, sausages.

Rhone Red Blends

Style: Dry red wine, medium bodied. It has a mixture of red and black berries, herbs and spice flavours, resembling the English black tea style. Alcohol 14.5 % .

Food: Grilled pork, tasty cheeses.

Mulled Wine

This is one of the most popular festive drinks in Great Britain and Europe. It is usually prepared with red wine and different mulling spices and raisins. It is traditionally served at Christmas markets around Europe, but also very trendy at student parties. You can also find mulled wine made with vodka, or with no alcohol at all. It can be found in liquor markets or you could order online. It is served warm or hot.

“Wine offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than possibly any other purely sensory thing which may be purchased.” – Ernest Hemingway

Dive into the world of wine and discover the endless variety of magical scents and flavours hiding in each sip of this marvellous drink. Above you could see a list of pop and pour wines that would fit into your budget, and make your student party unforgettable. So, don’t waste more time and give them a shot, it may lead you to a new world of experience that you’ll love.