Students are experts in making ends meet. With so much fun to have, so many people to meet, and so much studying to do, students tend to have a need for large entertainment budgets.

Students do whatever they can to save money, and even try to save the planet at the same time. Check out tips for saving money and cutting carbon, as students tend to have these dual concerns. Luckily they are easy to reconcile and The Student Pocket Guide is here to help.

With so much to see during our student years, we want to squeeze in as much travel as possible before taking on significant obligations. Check out these tips to help in your travel budgeting, so you can see the most sites possible within your student budget.

Tips for The Two Biggest Costs While Traveling

If you are looking to reduce your budget while traveling, it is best to focus on the big fish. While you can pinch pennies all day, if you can reduce the amount you spend on these two items, you will reduce your overall budget significantly. The two biggest expenses while traveling are also the most essential, which is no coincidence: transportation and housing.


The first of the two biggest expenses to take into account is traveling. Depending on how far you go, this can be quite a pricey item. But even on domestic flights, it is normally a large percentage of your overall budget.

One way to reduce this cost is to be flexible. You can be flexible in both location and dates. You can use the calendar function on different sites to check plane tickets. You will be surprised by how much the price can change from one day to the next.

Another exciting way to reduce this cost is to be open to a variety of locations. You can either use the map function on flight search engines and find a good deal, or you can even call airlines and ask for a cheap ticket. These sometimes open up at the last minute and you can suddenly find yourself heading out to an exciting location.


The second large expense on most trips is housing. This is normally even a majority of our entire budget. There are super tempting luxury housing situations out there, but you should first exhaust your vacation housing alternatives. Knowing just how many options you have can really save you a lot.

This is especially true because of all the free housing options that exist out there. If you are a social type and want to get to know a local, you can even stay for free with a new friend. This is of course something you should do with caution and with some energy for making a new friend.

But even if you are looking exclusively on websites where you will pay for housing, it is still a good idea to shop around. Each site will have different listings and at different prices, so doing your shopping around can really improve your bottom line.

Ask Yourself Where You Want to Cut and Where You Want to Indulge

There are always corners you can cut when it comes to saving money on your budget. But this does not mean that you have to deprive yourself of the things that matter most to you. In fact, with a bit of research, you can just get more for your money.

Part of the way to do this is by knowing which new sites to use while traveling. For example, check out this guide to the best online casinos in Kuwait. They will not only take care of your budget by recommending online casinos available in Kuwait with great odds, but also ones with generous bonuses. will also have the appropriate licensing if you are traveling in this country.

This is one way to cut your budget without losing out on any of the good stuff. But there may come a time when you have to cut out some luxuries from your trip. Your job here is to know yourself and understand what you are willing to do without. We all have to cut some things, and knowing what is less important to you is a great place to be!