Numerology is a system that allows people to connect with the numbers most meaningful for their destiny, life path, and the type of luck they attract into their life. Depending on numerical data related to a birthday, we can better understand which numbers are most meaningful to us, and what they represent on a grander scale.

Finding out which numbers resonate with us is just the start of incorporating certain numbers into our lives. After all, having the raw information about numbers isn’t enough to ground them in daily life in a meaningful way. It’s important to ‘get a feel’ for these numbers; do they instigate change, or bring good luck, or begin the start of something new?

With so much nuance and so much to learn, getting started with numerology can be overwhelming. Aren’t sure how to weave certain numbers into your life on a regular basis? Keep reading below for suggestions on how to apply numbers in everyday life.

Scheduling Dates

One of the simplest and most consistent ways to use our favourite numbers is to apply them when scheduling an event or appointment. First, consider what you’ll be scheduling—it’s likely you’ll want to harness different energy depending on if you’re selecting a date to be married or heading to the dentist for a check-up.

Keep in mind that the time is just as important as the date. For many, finding a meaningful date and time that incorporates their lucky number will be enough. In numerology, a lucky number isn’t just about chance, but about aligning purpose with concentrated effort—and using numbers to harness that successful energy.

Alarm Clocks

As mentioned above, lucky (which translates to personally meaningful, in this case) numbers help us stay focused on a particular goal or area in life we need to improve. Setting alarm clocks according to these numbers is a great way to start the day. Though most people set their alarms for 7:15 or 8:30, a numerology buff might select 7:22 or 8:08, which round out to 11 and 7, respectively.

Setting Time Limits

Aside from alarms and scheduling, setting aside a specific amount of time to do something is another great way to incorporate a favourite number into daily life. For example, online slots are an incredibly popular way to game online—and it’s easy to get sucked in with dozens of titles available that cover a range of interesting themes.

Many choose to set a time limit to stay on top of their schedules, which is a great way to use and interact with a favourite number.


Similar to scheduling dates, choosing to launch an account on a certain date can help us align our ventures with meaningful numbers. For example, someone looking to start a business might choose certain dates to set up their bank account, apply for a business license, and then launch their enterprise.

This also works for more mundane ventures, like subscribing to a certain channel, starting a new social media account, and so on. Once again, be sure to align the date (and time, if possible) with a specific goal in mind.


Though many choose their travel dates based on holidays, those who forego a trip to the travel agency and build out their itineraries can exercise total control over their travel dates. For some, this may be a matter of transportation; certain numbers are associated with safe travel, which means they’re an important aspect of scheduling flights and long car trips.

For others, assigning travel dates according to certain numbers might be about opening up their trip to the unexpected. For example, those who work regularly with numbers are likely familiar with a type of ‘rhythm’ that’s associated with certain days in the month and can schedule their trips accordingly.

Those who’ve been planning a trip to Paris might extend their stay to include a lucky time of the month when chance coincidences have led to unforgettable experiences.