Win a year’s supply of VK – with Glow Up bottles hidden in VK Mixed Packs across Tesco and ASDA supermarkets

VK, the No.1 ready-to-drink beverage for students eight years running and a staple of late-night partying, is giving fans the chance to win a year’s supply of their Mixed Packs.

The brand has revealed that they’ve hidden the chance to win a 12-month supply of VK in ten VK Mixed Packs across the UK.

The winning ‘Glow Up’ bottles are hidden across Tesco and ASDA supermarkets in their iconic Mixed Packs, with two being claimed so far this week – in County Down and South Yorkshire.

Winners will receive a year’s supply of VK Mixed Packs (one each month for twelve months) after finding a Glow Up VK sticker wrapped around the neck of one of the bottles in their VK Mixed Pack.

All you need to do is snap a picture of your winning bottle, and send this to the @vkdrink Instagram page, along with your address and ID, to claim your prize.

If you don’t win big with your Mixed Pack, there’s still the opportunity to win prizes across the next few months. VK are teaming up with schuh to help followers glow up their wardrobe, with giveaways taking place across Instagram and Twitter.

And, VK are offering free delivery on any VK party packages purchased during Fresher’s, via Good Time In. Available packs include a VK Mixed Packed Bundle, Fruity Festival Pack, VK Fan Faves, and VK Cheeky Cocktail Pack.

VK Mixed Packs contain a selection of flavours from the iconic beverage maker. These include the classic VK Blue, and a mix of seven other tasty favourites – such as VK Orange & Passionfruit, VK Black Cherry, and VK Watermelon.

The competition comes as VK launches their 50 date #VKGlowUp Fresher’s Tour, with UV effects and merchandise giveaways across almost every UK city, including London, Manchester, and Leeds.

Charlie Leaver, Head of Brand at Global Brands Ltd: “As we kick off Fresher’s season with a bang, VK are celebrating across the UK with tons of events and competitions. This year, our team thought what better way to celebrate than to surprise and delight some lucky VK fans with a year’s supply of VK?

“Purchase a VK Mixed Pack from Tesco or ASDA supermarkets, for the chance to win a year’s supply of our fun and flavourful drinks. The winning bottles will start appearing in stores from this weekend – so be quick for a chance to win!”

Last week, VK announced a rebrand ahead of Fresher’s. The new, vibrant look matches the brands positioning as relevant, playful, and cool, while flavour-focused colours across packaging with contrasting accents clearly distinguish between each variety, building identities around each flavour.