Chev Clarke is a professional boxer with a perfect undefeated record. We caught up with the champ to talk about getting into the sport, proudest moments, and the “gruelling” training he’s put himself through for his upcoming fight at Wembley, later this month.

Chev Clarke interview by Ben Farrin

At what age did you first show an interest in boxing, and why did you initially get into the sport?

I grew up in Jamaica until I was 11 years old. We didn’t have as much recreational organised sports and all the up-to-date technology but it was a great experience growing up there.

My first love was football, so I didn’t start boxing until I was 18 and really only started going there to get in shape. I used to play football, and I was a decent player, but I just wanted to get fitter so I could push myself a little harder than everyone else because I’m constantly trying to advance. I then visited a boxing gym. That is how it happened. I didn’t intend to pursue boxing; it just happened by accident.

After my first session, my coach was like “you’re really good, you could be a world champion”. He was the first to think I might one day win the world championship.

Oh wow! Can you tell us more about the work you do for youth boxing, and why you feel it is so important to help the younger generation get into the sport?

I didn’t have anyone in the mainstream that I looked up to from my area that was in the mainstream really. I’m a normal guy from a normal neighbourhood in Jamaica and I’ve done okay. I want to show people that.

Like, I’ve achieved so much and met all these cool inspiring people and I want to show people they can do the same.

Chev Clarke

Chev Clarke

What’s been your proudest career moment to date?

I never really looked back at it and thought about it.

I did get a letter in the post asking me to be a Batonbearer for the Commonwealth in Birmingham and I just thought wow, this is cool, and felt so proud to be asked. I called all my friends and family to tell them about it.

Nice! To keep in good shape, are you strict with your diet and how often do you train?

So, I don’t follow a diet as such. I just eat good. I do have a spontaneous sweet tooth but for the most part I eat good naturally. It was drilled into me by my mum, maybe as it’s a cultural thing.

Training wise, I typically train 2-3 times a day 5-6 days a week.

You’ve got your big fight coming up later this month at Wembley! How has your training been going?

Gruelling. Not going to lie, it’s been gruelling and intense and exactly what I need to dominate.

You’re looking to maintain your perfect professional record – are you going for the K.O, what’s your strategy?

I don’t go for a K.O, I go to box and if a K.O happens, it happens. I’m just there to box.

How much difference does it make to be fighting on your home turf at Wembley Arena?

For me it makes no difference – Home or away. Once you’re in the ring, you’re in the ring, no one can help you, so I focus on that.

Chev Clarke

Chev Clarke

Are there any specific fights you have your eye on for the future – Jake Paul, maybe?

No one in particular. I tackle each fight as it comes. With boxing you have to, there’s too many factors at play, with things like injury. I’m just fighting one fight at a time.

Honestly there’s nobody I don’t want to fight.

As someone who’s represented their country, has a professional clean sheet, and signed to superstar promoter Eddie Hearne, what boxing career advice can you offer to younger prospects that look up to fighters such as yourself?

Find yourself an English boxing affiliated club, work your way up from there. Treat the amateur game like an apprenticeship and build on it. You might not achieve what you want fast but with boxing, consistency is key. Keep being consistent and disciplined and success will come.

Chev Clarke interview by Ben Farrin