Chances are, if you’re a baby face like myself, you won’t have gone clubbing until you actually reached 18 years old. If this is the case, you might not have experienced “clubbing” until you started university. Leaving your home for the first time and fending for yourself is a huge step-up in adulthood. It brings many challenges, and perks! Night clubbing is an amazing part of life. But like anything new, there’s pros and cons. Here, we have complied our top ten night clubbing tips to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time. With this in mind, here are our top 10 night clubbing tips (for freshers and newbies)…

Night Clubbing Tips


  1. Always go clubbing with a friend you trust and can rely on. This will ensure extra safety for the both of you, helping to avoid trouble, drinks being spiked and all the nasties that sadly pose a risk.night clubbing tips
  2. Dress appropriately. Todays night clubbing dress code rules are usually relaxed. But you still want to avoid taking your thick puffer coat and any unnecessary accessories. Oh an girls, you might feel better and look taller in high heels, but will you still think the same after a few drinks!?

  3. Only take essentials. This includes your ID! You don’t want to be queueing up for ages only to be rejected at the door for not having ID. Our opinion is to either avoid taking cash or only taking part money. You don’t want to be fumbling around with money at the bar. Having said this, taking £20 with you and having it as a back-up is not a bad idea, either.

  4. When you’re in the club, as tempting as it is going straight to the bar, before doing so, agree a safe meeting place. This will help should for any reason you get segregated from your group.

  5. Set a signal so that if you get into any kind of a situation that your friends can be alerted, even if they are too far away to talk to, or, it’s too noisy to hear them!

  6. Steady goes. Pre-drinks are always good to get the night warmed-up, plus it saves money as the drinks will be cheaper. But take it easy. You don’t want to go out smashed as it’s not safe. You probably won’t be allowed into the club if the bouncer notices. So yeah, just take it easy. 

  7. Arrange and book your taxi before you are in the club and be strict with yourself. Don’t let the music guide you to not getting that taxi. If you try and book a taxi at throw-out time, chances are they’ll be fully booked and you’ll be left lingering on the streets!

  8. If you have your eye on someone you like, don’t lurk about. Just be normal. Smile, offer a drink and have a chat. If they’re not interested respect their decision – it takes two to Tango.

  9. As the night goes on, try to drink water in between alcoholic drinks. It’ll help keep you hydrated and will also reduce any possible hangover the following day! Also, it goes without saying – don’t take drugs. If you are approached by anyone trying to sell them to you, say you’re not interested and walk away. Do not enter into conversation with the person.

  10. Enjoy the night! We’ve listed a good selection of pointers to help ensure your night is safe and fun. But don’t worry. If you’re sensible it’ll be fine. Relax and embrace your night clubbing days, they’ll possibly be the best days of your life!